Japanese PM vows to fight against COVID-19

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Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga on Friday vowed to fight against the COVID-19,stressing that Japan’s security alliance with the U.S would remain the foundation of Japan’s foreign policy.

Suga who stated this in his New Year address also pledged to push forward with preparations for this summer’s Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, which was cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

He promised that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics which were postponed last summer for the first time in 124-years, will be “safe and secure” and serve as a “symbol of global solidarity.”

“The Suga Cabinet firmly promises to protect citizens’ lives and livelihoods, continuing to put all of our energy into preventing the spread of infections and reviving the economy,” Kyodo News reported.

Suga, who took office in September called the coronavirus outbreak an “unprecedented national crisis,” and thanked frontline health care workers for working “day and night” to fight against the virus.

The administration will support investment in green technology, which is part of his push to make the country carbon neutral by 2050, and digitalisation, Kyodo News said.

“We will concentrate all of our policy resources and take decisive action for all kinds of reform,” Suga said, vowing to boost regional economies by working on agricultural reform and promoting tourism.

The prime minister added that Japan’s security alliance with the United States would remain the foundation of Japan’s foreign policy.

He also promised that he would continue efforts to realise a “free and open Indo-Pacific” while maintaining stable relations with neighbouring countries.

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