December 1, 2023

NCPC boss urges Nigerians to support govt. in fight against insecurity

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By Jessica Onyegbula
The Executive Secretary, Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission (NCPC), Rev Yakubu Pam, on Tuesday charged Nigerians to support the government in the fight against insecurity.
Pam, who gave the charge while playing host to the Chief Executive Officer of Air Peace, Mr Allen Onyema, in Abuja, stressed that Nigeria is the only country we have and we must join hands to fix it and make it habitable for all.
He added that the government needed the people’s support to tackle insecurity and to deliver quality services because the government could not do without the people and the people could not do without the government.
”We cannot continue to divide ourselves along religious, tribal or ethnic lines; we are one Nigeria, and we must work together for the common good of all Nigerians.
”We must come together to build the peace that we are yelling for;  government alone cannot handle it, religious leaders alone cannot handle it, neither can traditional leaders handle it alone; togetherwe stand and divided we fall,” he said.
Mr Onyema, who expressed willingness and interest in partnering the Commission in the area of peace building urged the youth to shun all forms of violence and embrace peace.
Onyema cashed in on the visit to commend the NCPC boss for his positive and relentless peace initiatives across the country.
He stressed that in a case of violence, “when the chips are down, the rich will all Jet out of the country and the poor will suffer.”
Oyema added that those selfish politicians sending out hate speeches and engineering tribal, religious and ethinc crisis were just taking advantage of the weak and the poor.
”During the EndSARS protest, I witnessed rich people running out of the country to neighbouring countries with their families in private jets in fear that the protest might get out of hand.
”They want to destroy the country and run away but we must not allow them succeed,  we are one, irrespective of your tribe, religion or ethnicity.
”We do not have Igbo, Yoruba or Hausa blood. We only have human blood running through our veins. We must shun all forms of violence trying to divide us as a country and embrace peace.
”No doubts there are problems, but we must not lose hope, we must find solutions to our problems by first uniting ourselves.
”We must condemn criminality from any ethnic group and stop taking sides. What is bad is bad irrespective of who is involved.
“We have no other country aside of Nigeria and we must unite to make Nigeria great again,” he said. (NAN)
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