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December 8, 2023

Oxford-trained Professor to guide leaders in navigating volatile periods

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Prof. Roger Delves


By Razak Owolabi.

Prof. Roger Delves, an Oxford alumnus, is among faculties expected at TEXEM UK’s four-week virtual interaction programme in April, a statement from TEXEM’s website has announced.


Delves became a board leader at age 30 and have helped hundreds of organisations to optimise their leadership quotient.


In the statement signed by TEXEM’s Director of Special Projects, Caroline Lucas, the theme of the executive leadership development programme is, Strategic leadership for enduring impact during volatile periods.


The programme aims to equip leaders with skills for dealing with the uncertainty that tomorrow brings, especially now that economic experts have predicted a global recession.


“As a leader, you hope each year brings great good fortunes for your organisation. However, there is a lot that we do not know about tomorrow.


“So, as you wish for the best, you also need to prepare for an uncertain future. The Strategic Leadership for Enduring Impact During Volatile Periods programme, is an interactive learning experience,” Lucas affirmed.


She announced that the programme was tailored for senior executives and organisations to optimise their individual, team and organisational performance.


Participants will learn practical skills and actionable insights from the eminent TEXEM faculty and gain valuable insights from their professional exchange with critical partners and colleagues.


“This programme aims to help develop leadership strategies to drive optimum performance for success in an era of uncertainty.


“Its focus is to help the participants develop a clearer understanding of how to manage and deploy the available resources more efficiently for optimal impact in an era of uncertainty,” Lucas added.


The programme, which is from April 15 to May 6, also has Prof. Paul Griffith, Prof. Randall Peterson of London Business School and Ambassador Charles Crawford as faculties.


Speaking of the programme’s impact, Lucas indicated that at the end of the programme, participants were expected to develop leadership skills that would assist them in making good decisions.


They would also possess survival skills that would enable them to bail out their organisations in times of crisis.


“As a leader, attending this programme will make you versatile and strong in volatile periods so that taking the best decisions for your team and organisational survival will come easy for you.


“Among the benefits derivable are the ability to take tough decisions in tough times, increase your ability and that of your organisation to survive against all odds.


“It makes you a dependable risk taker when others are baulking during emergencies and empowers you to become a better manager during difficult situations.


“The programme enables you to carry along employees easily due to their confidence in your decisions, and it arms you with the qualities of an all-around leader,” Lucas added. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)


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