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February 21, 2024

APGA unveils Hadiza Mohammed as Vice-Presidential Candidate

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By Angela Atabo

The All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) on Wednesday unveiled Hajiya Hadiza Mohammed as its Vice-Presidential Candidate for the Feb. 25 general election.

Edozie Njoku, National Chairman, APGA, unveiled Mohammed at a ceremony on Wednesday in Abuja, naming Jonathan Elendu as Director-General, of the party’s Presidential Campaign Council (PCC).

Njoku commended the judiciary for finally resolving the party’s crisis, lauding the party loyalists that stood by the party.

He alleged that he was accused of so many things including forging a supreme court judgment and expressed happiness that truth had prevailed.

Njoku said that with the court judgement, it was left for Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to do the needful by recognising authentic APGA candidates, ahead of the general election.

“So I am pleading with the hierarchy of INEC to address this ,because if the right thing is not done, I assure you that after the election, there will be more suits on the basis of exclusion,” he said.

Njoku said that the party was ready to launch its campaign to win the 2023 election and called for support from Nigerians to make the nation better.

He expressed confidence in the party’s candidates and in its ability to serve justice to Nigerians and unify all.

Dr Chekwas Okorie, APGA, Presidential Candidate,said he consulted with the National Working Committee (NWC) and it was unanimously agreed that no person was better suited to pair him on the presidential ticket as VP than Mohammed.

Okorie said that Mohammed hailed from Borno and had a rich and impeccable profile and she was an accomplished personality with sound education and varied academic exposure.

“I am confident that as l march side by side with Hajiya Hadiza Mohammed to campaign across Nigeria our strong and progressive message shall resonate and introduce fresh and exciting narratives to our proposed governance agenda.

“This is if by the special grace of God Nigerians give us their mandate to preside over the affairs of our great country as President and Vice President, come May 29.

“It is also my singular pleasure to unveil at this occasion the Director General of our Presidential Campaign Organisation who prefers to be referred to as simply Jonathan Elendu.

” His rich profile that shows his wide experience and knowledge as a publisher, an author, poet and public affairs analyst both in Nigeria and many countries abroad has also been read to this distinguished audience,” he said.

Okorie said it was neither by design our desire that APGA was stepping into the campaign arena somehow late.

He said that it was public knowledge that on May 9 2022, the Supreme Court corrected a judgment it had delivered on Oct. 14 2021, which erroneously referred to the former National Chairman of the Party, Chief Victor Oye as National Chairman instead of Chief Edozie Njoku.

“Unfortunately, the parties adversely affected by the well-considered correction effected by the Supreme Court engaged in all manner of blackmail, subterfuge and malicious allegations.

“ As we speak, Chief Edozie Njoku has not only been affirmed but reaffirmed to the third degree by the Supreme Court of Nigeria as the authentic, indisputable National Chairman of APGA duly elected at the Party’s convention held at Owerri, Imo State, on May 31, 2019,” he said.

Okorie said it was after these series of affirmations by the apex court that APGA resolved that the time has become ripe for the authentic Candidates of the party to step into the arena of the 2023 general election to be counted.

Speaking, Mohammed commended AGPA for the opportunity to serve as its Vice-Presidential Candidate for 2023 general election.

“Fellow party members, ladies and gentlemen, with all humility, with all sense of responsibility as a daughter, a wife, a mother and grandmother, I accept the honour of being the Vice-Presidential candidate of our great party.

“On my honour, I hereby declare that I will follow where you lead. And I know that together as we campaign, our women, youths, and even men will see that APGA is the party for today and the future,” she said.

Mohammed said APGA had always proven that it respected gender equality in Nigerian political experiment.

She called on all Nigerian women to join APGA , vote for APGA to empower women and deliver good governance.

Mr Jonathan Elendu, Director General, Chekwas Okorie Presidential Campaign 2023 congratulated the party’s chairman and presidential candidate for the judicial victory.

Elendu said Nigeria required to be rescued from the clutches of effects of an unworkable coupling that had made development of the country and peoples almost a mirage.

“In the days and weeks ahead, we shall traverse the length and breadth of Nigeria to sell your message of hope, your vision of a new Nigeria, your formula for a renewed Nigeria.

“Nigeria will be a place where security of lives and property are not just mere words that have no resemblance to the reality of our lives,” he said.(NAN)(nannews.ng)

Edited by Ali Baba-Inuwa

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