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April 23, 2024

Cricket Federation to get 1m new entrants annually

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By Ijeoma Okigbo

The Nigeria Cricket Federation (NCF) says it is targeting one million new entrants into the game annually in the country.

Emeka Igwilo, General Manager of the federation told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Monday that, the target was given to the country by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Igwilo said the international body was happy with the progress of the game in the country and felt Nigeria could get more entrants to the game.

The NCF official said that the earlier task for the federation was 250,000 entrants annually, one that the country has surpassed.

“The ICC is very happy with Nigeria and their message to us is straightforward; that we continue the good work.

“The ICC is also focusing on a special intervention programme with the NCF to grow the numbers of the game, especially considering the size of our population.

“The special project is that of getting one million new participants annually.

“Our previous target was 250,000 but with what the ICC have seen with the videos of the coaching clinics around the country, data reports, level of grassroot developments etc., they felt the NCF could get more than the earlier target,” Igwilo said.

The former cricket player said the programme would mean funds going directly to the states to aid in introducing participants to the game.

“The states are happy; they are already challenged because they have seen that the programme would mean more money, equipment, motivation, incentives for them.

“This is not the ICC/NCF grant, this is a special intervention programme and funds sent to the states directly.

“We are working on this plan with the ICC and soon, we will see the results of our efforts,” Igwilo added. (NAN)(www.nannnews.ng)

Edited by Dorcas Jonah/Joseph Edeh

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