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April 14, 2024

CODE tasks incoming government ,Nigerians on action against climate change 

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By Angela Atabo

Connected Development (CODE) in collaboration with Transcorp Hilton have tasked the incoming government and Nigerians on the need for collective action to tackle climate change in Nigeria.

Mr Hamzat Lawal, the Chief Executive of CODE, made the call at an event to mark the “Earth hour 2023”  in Abuja.

Lawal said that the call was imperative to draw the attention of Nigerians on the effects of climate change and the need to collectively tackle it and save the earth.

“This event is important because as citizens, we have taken a stand that we are going to conserve energy.

“We are also conscious with the fact that over 100 million people do not have access to electricity.

“Over 60 million people do not have access to potable drinking water, over 80 million people go to bed in Nigeria today with empty stomach,” he said.

Lawal said that there was need to take a stand and take action to conserve energy and raise awareness.

“Most importantly, our incoming government should be inspired by this little action by citizens and complement our actions in putting in place a regulatory framework and policies that will garner action.

“Nigeria is committed to the framework on climate change, so what will be Nigeria’s position?

“So today as citizens, we are taking a position, we are inspiring other Nigerians to be conscious of how we can save the planet earth but most importantly recognise that I am earth, you are earth and each and every one of us is mother earth.”

Lawal expressed optimism that Nigeria would achieve its global commitment for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially on climate change action with the frameworks in place.

“So I am optimistic that the incoming government will build on what we have achieved and most importantly accelerate, because we have less than seven years to achieve the SDGs.

“I believe that if each and every one of us continues to reach out as Transcorp Hilton and CODE are reaching out, we will achieve the SDGs.’’

Mr Islam El-Maddah, the Hotel Manager of Transcorp Abuja, said that the hotel joined billions of people around the world to call for action on climate change by turning off all non-essential lighting for one hour.

El-Maddah said that this year’s theme: “Breathing new life into our movement and mission” reinforced the need to double social impact by 2030 by carrying out sustainable activities to curb climate change.

“Examples of these activities are diversion of recyclable materials to the landfills, championed by our environmental partner Chanja Datti.”

El-Maddah listed the Soap4Hope project, regular planting of trees among some of the hotel’s initiative to curb the effects of climate change.

“With our 2030 goal getting closer, there is the need for urgent action from you and I, business owners’ government and citizens around the world on the need to invest in our planet, to improve our environment and give our descendants a better and safer future.”

Ms Ijeoma Osuji, the E-commerce Manager, Transcorp Hilton Abuja, said that the hotel tried to communicate the message of how to protect the planet to the public.
Osuji said that to achieve the SDGs, hotel took some deliberate actions by recycling, reusing and repurposing things to avoid clogging the landmines with these waste.

“We use LED lights, energy saving bulbs and we are also using censored taps to avoid water wastage.

“We also plant trees, and we have planted 20 trees, this Wednesday. Last year, we planted over a 100 trees in local communities and within the hotel.

“We reuse our paper straws, instead of using plastics, we use paper cups, we use paper bags, not plastic bags, right now we are working very strongly to stop using plastic bottles as well,” she said.

Osuji urged the citizens to take these little efforts and collectively there would be a huge impact for safer earth. (NAN) (www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Nick Nicholas/Grace Yussuf

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