Coldhubs unveils 5 units 20- tonnes refrigeration trucks to curb food wastage

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By Fabian Ekeruche

ColdHubs, manufacturers of solar powered cold rooms, has unveiled  five units, 20-tonnes refrigerated trucks into its refrigeration transportation services in Nigeria.

The News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) reports that the five additional refrigerated trucks make it a total of seven trucks ColdHubs is deploying to ensure the safe transportation, storage and distribution of temperate-sensitive products.

Speaking at the  “Launch, Showcase  and Induction” of the trucks in Lagos, the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of ColdHubs, Mr Nnaemeka Ikegwuonu, said that it’s innovation solutions was aimed  at reducing  food spoilage at key points along the food supply chain.

Ikegwuonu said that the core goal of its refrigerated transportation services is to ensure the safe transportation, storage and distribution of temperate sensitive products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy produce, seafood, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, flowers, wines and other perishable goods.

He said that the trucks offered global standard refrigerated transportation pick-up and delivery for the aforementioned items across Nigeria and West Africa, always maintaining the integrity of all products.

The CEO said that the state-of-the art refrigerated trucks were insured and equipped with the latest tracking devices that keep the temperature of the product in check , controls the activities of the drivers and reports performance to customers in real time.

“Our services maintain the integrity of your products 100 per cent

“It increases your operational efficiency, increases production rates, inventory control and increases your customer and supplier satisfaction and experience,” Ikegwuonu said.

The CEO said that before expanding its operations to integrating refrigerated transportation services,
ColdHubs had installed and currently operates 58 solar powered  cold rooms in farms, aggregation centers and outdoor marketplaces across 28 states of Nigeria.

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He said that the need to expand into refrigerated trucks came on the demand of it’s customers.

” Most of our customers came and said, Listen, it’s not enough to have cold rooms. We also need truck that will move our products from those your cozy rooms to our destination.

“So we tried initially with a van and it was successful. This is just the beginning of what we want to do.

“You know, what we want to do is to connect the whole cold chain so that you have refrigerated warehouses, you have the trucks and you have packaging materials, ” Ikegwuonu said.

He said that plans have been concluded to add more fleets to the trucks before the year ran out.

“So, the trucks that we are showcasing today is really to show that it is possible to have refrigerated trucks running in Nigeria for public use”.

He added that ColdHubs aim at eliminating the impact of food spoilage facing 470 million smallholder farmers globally due to lack of reliable and we’ll situated cold storage at key points within the food supply chain.

Highlights of the events was the official showcasing and induction of the trucks into ColdHubs refrigeration transportation services. (NAN)(

Edited by Vivian Ihechu

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