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March 5, 2024
You are currently viewing Public Service: BPSR collaborates with ICT firm to boost efficiency

Public Service: BPSR collaborates with ICT firm to boost efficiency

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By Collins Yakubu-Hammer

The Bureau of Public Service Reforms (BPSR) is set to collaborate with an Information Communication Technology (ICT) company known as ‘Educatial’ to have a skilled, competent and responsible public service.

The Director-General of BPSR, Dr Ibrahim Arabi, on Friday in Abuja said the collaboration was a development to revolutionise the public service.

According to Arabi, the e-government master plan of the Federal Government has pre-empted Educatial’s initiative.

“The collaboration is solidified in the signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Bureau and Educatial.

“So our engagement, discussion and work with you are based on the tenants of e-government Master Plan of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“I stand before you with a great sense of optimism and purpose as we normalised our partnership through the signing of this MoU,” he said.

He said that the agency understood that a well-equipped and skilled work force was the backbone of every thriving nation.

“It is imperative to equip them with skills to exceed the ever overloading demands of the world.

“Educatial with it comprehensive solution encompassing hardware, software infrastructure, housing and support, share a vision for a more capable and competent public service.

“This partnership is not just about acquiring technology. It is about equipping our work force with the tools and skills necessary to excel on the global stage,” Arabi stressed.

He explained that the Bureau had clear expectations that `Educatial’ would deliver specialise courses that are tailored to unique means of the public servants.

Arabia stressed that the courses should serve as catalyst for enhancing public servants’ skills, competence and professionalism.

“It is our firm believe that investment in our work force will lead to improved quality of government services, greater efficiency and 0increase effectiveness in our citizens.

“We look onto you not only as an education resource, but as partner of a journey to transform and elevate the standard of public service of the country.

“Let us remember that signing of the MoU is not a mere formality. It is a commitment and an affirmation of our shared vision for a more skilled, competent and responsible public service,” Arabi said.

Speaking earlier, the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Educatial, Mr Fancis Muofunanya, said his company dedicated to revolutionising the education landscape in Nigeria and beyond.

“Our commitment to transformative learning has led us to develop a cutting-edge ‘EdTech SaaS Ecosystem’, tailored to meet the unique challenges of education in Nigeria and Africa.

“We come together with a shared purpose, to harness the power of education and technology to empower government employees and enhance their capabilities.

“We recognize the immense value of a skilled and efficient public workforce in shaping the nation’s trajectory. Our partnership will see the integration of Educatial’s advanced tools into the training programs for government employees.

“This integration will not only equip them with cutting-edge skills but also optimize their performance in service delivery,” Muofunanya said.

He explained that Educatial was committed to tailoring bespoke solutions that cater to the specific training and development needs of various government agencies.

He added that Educatial’s objective aligns seamlessly with the Bureau’s mission to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of public service through skill development.

“As we unite our expertise and resources, we have the potential to create a more responsive and adept public sector workforce, capable of steering Nigeria toward its rightful place of eminence on the global stage.

“As we embark on this journey of collaboration, innovation, and progress, let us remember that the transformation of our nation’s public service is not just a task but a collective responsibility.

“Together, we have the capacity to mould a public sector that is not only proficient but also visionary, a sector that leads by example and sets new standards of excellence,” Muofunanya said.

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Mou was signed by Arabi, Muofunanya and the legal advisers from the Bureau and Educatial. (NAN)


Edited by Isaac Aregbesola

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