Youth minister pledges to champion Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda

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By Naomi Sharang

Dr Jamila Ibrahim, newly screened Minister of Youth, has expressed her unwavering commitment to realising President Bola Tinubu’s Renewed Hope Agenda for the youths of Nigeria.

Speaking to journalists after her screening in Abuja on Wednesday, Ibrahim emphasised the importance of youth inclusion in government decision-making.

“The President has heard the youth loud and clear by appointing me as the Minister of Youth.

“During the general elections, we clamoured for inclusion in government, to be at the decision-making table.

“The President has granted our request through my nomination as a minister and Minister of State for Youth, alongside other youthful cabinet members.”

Ibrahim, however, said that the cabinet nomination was just the beginning, indicating that more young individuals will assume leadership roles as heads of government agencies and departments.

Upon assuming office, Ibrahim stressed the importance of conducting a comprehensive diagnosis of youth challenges to actively engage young people in the decision-making process.

She said: “If we want to plan for the future, young people must have input into the process. It is an all-inclusive approach aimed at ensuring that we involve more young people in shaping a prosperous future.”

Addressing concerns about her ability to lead the youth effectively, Ibrahim said: “Leadership is a lifestyle, not just a role or task.

“It is a journey that takes years and a process from envisioning oneself as a leader to leading others towards a common vision.”

She also unveiled her plan for periodic engagement with the youth, emphasising that while she couldn’t specify the frequency, these engagements would address issues relevant to young people, demonstrating her dedication to advancing their interests. (NAN)

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Edited by Muhammad Suleiman Tola

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