“Farm Money”: The New Face of Reality TV Shows in Nigeria

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To millions of young and aspiring farmers, “Farm Money “is a first-of-its-kind” reality TV show that will re-write the narrative of agricultural practice in Nigeria.
By Patricia Amogu, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) 
Reality shows have become a source of inspiration to many young people across the world and provided equal opportunities for a new crop of personalities to aspire to and achieve seemingly unreachable goals.
For fans and relaxing audiences, the difference between scripted acting and reality shows is the raw and diluted emotions that make them form support blocks for their favourite participants.
Reality TV shows are television programmes where ordinary people are continuously filmed, designed to be entertaining rather than informative.
As a student, young Temilade, imagined life in her dad’s empire working as a trained chartered accountant, not toiling in dirt and manure.
Born and raised in the heart of Lagos, a hub for entrepreneurs and a business capital, for most young people, the smart and intelligent 25-year-old said farming had been the last thing on her mind until she found this golden opportunity days back.
Having heard about the auditions on a social media post, she made her way from Lagos to an unusual new reality TV show, she believes will change her life forever.
To millions of young and aspiring farmers, “Farm Money “is a first-of-its-kind” reality TV show that will re-write the narrative of Agricultural practice in Nigeria.
For 25-year-old Jacob Aliu-Hassan, a young man from Kaduna state, the recently launched Agri-reality TV show “Farm Money” will disabuse the minds of youths who wish to double money at all costs through “get rich quick”syndromes and divert their attention to more constructive ways of earning a living through the platform.
According to him, it is a gold mine that will help him raise and empower other young people like him who are nursing similar ideas but are yet unempowered.
“I am very happy because this programme will empower youths, the narrative of farming in Nigeria will be re-focused to a more relaxing and enjoyable practice, where youths can become really interested in Agriculture,” he said.
Dr Farouk Rabiu-Mudi, President of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), the initiator of the reality TV show, says one thing that sets the project apart is the idea of attracting young people to agriculture through the conceptualisation of the show from an entertainment angle.
He says doing so simplifies the practice of agriculture for young minds who used to see TV shows from an entertainment point of view.
The AFAN president says at the moment,  the minds of the youth have been re-focused to make them see the business side of agriculture, thereby winning over a majority of young minds to consider taking advantage of the abundant opportunities in agriculture.
Rabiu-Mudi says the development gives a lot of hope that with young people taking advantage of the abundant business opportunities in the agriculture sector, Nigeria can look forward to ensuring the production of more food in the country, enough to not only boost food security in the country but enough to feed the whole of Africa.
He maintains that with a younger population of farmers operating in the sector, the stage would have been set for the depleting older generation of farmers to be effectively replaced so that the industry would witness the injection of youthful energy.
According to him, having more youths in the agricultural business space will make agri-business more competitive to the extent that it becomes a major foreign exchange earner for Nigeria.
He added that the development of agri-business in Nigeria has the capacity to attract foreign direct investment to the country.
In the first quarter of 2023, Nigeria generated N279.64 billion in revenue, from the export of Agricultural products, with cashews, sesame seeds, and cocoa beans making it among the top ten most exported products, according to data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) show.
Speaking at the two-day audition in Abuja, Sani Danja, one of Kannywood’s finest artists and partner in the project, said the trend and concept of “edutainment” is one that is evolving every day.
He said in an interview that the project “is timely and has come in handy as a learning tool for young people”, who will go into the house for 60 days to explore their potential and ideas and learn more about agri-business using the scope of edutainment.
Dr Emmanuel Abuhson, CEO of Tremma Agro Services Limited, and the Executive Director, of PAN-AFRICAN Institute of Agribusiness Management said that the reality TV show would put Nigeria on the world map as a nation setting the pace for active youth participation in Agriculture.
To him, the show has the potency to make a positive impact in the lives of young minds not only in Nigeria but across the world as well.

Candidates and aspiring contestants totalling about 200 youths trouped in from all geo-political zones in Nigeria at the weekend.

“Farm Money “is a thrilling adventure; a 60-day journey of training, interactive sessions, tasks, in-house challenges, and audiences from various sub-sectional sectors and spheres including the entertainment industry, that will see 60 contestants(male and female) selected from various geo-political zones across the country.
Participation in “farm money” will require minimal or zero skill on the farm.
The Agrivest Reality TV challenge show is put together by the All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Tingo Mobile Nigeria Ltd, Tremma Agro Services Nigeria Ltd, and a host of other reputable organisations and individuals. (NANFeatures) (www.nannews.ng)
**If used please credit the writer and News Agency of Nigeria.

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