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March 3, 2024
You are currently viewing FG holds cultural road show to showcase Nigeria’s diversity

FG holds cultural road show to showcase Nigeria’s diversity

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By Deji Abdulwahab
The Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture and Creative Economy, in partnership with relevant stakeholders in Abuja, on Wednesday, held a road show to showcase the nation’s cultural diversity.
Its Director, Entertainment and Creative Services, Mrs Ugochi Nwosu, said this while marking the 2023 World Culture Day with its theme “Embracing Cultural Diversity: Building bridges for a Harmonious World’’
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the event is held every year on May 21.
The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development celebrates not only the richness of the world’s cultures, but also the essential role of intercultural dialogue for achieving peace and sustainable development.
Nwosu said that the ministry was marking the 2023 World Culture Day for diversity and development to create awareness on importance of culture to national development.
“We are also creating awareness on the potential of the Nigerian culture and creative economy to nation’s building.
“Today, we are showcasing some of our elements of our culture, creative economy and economic diversification.
“This sector is a sector that will enhance and develop our economy and create jobs for our teeming population.
“As you can see, the youths are here and everybody is here to showcase our diversity. We are showcasing the manifestation of our cultural diversity and that is the strength of Nigeria.
“It is also a day to create awareness on the need for cultural dialogue. From culture to dialogue, they bring out their potential of the entire population,’’ she said.
Also, Miss Gold Ugoji of Black Bones Theatre Company stressed the need for Nigerians to embrace cultural diversity to become more united and stronger as a nation.
According to her, this road show is a good avenue to celebrate our culture and heritage as Nigerians.
Ugoji said, “I’m feeling privileged to be a part of it. Nigeria is a very blessed and rich country. If really we can take advantage of the diversity God has blessed us with, we will be greater than any country in the world.
“Nigeria is diversified culturally and we need to embrace that culture to become more united and stronger as a nation.’’
According to Emmanuel Danladi, the road show will tell people about cultural diversity of Nigeria and inform people about today which we are celebrating the world culture day.
He said, “Nigeria stands to gain unity because no matter your state, tribe and ethnic group where ever you are coming from, just know that we are one. We are unified power with this name called Nigeria.”
Another participant, Martha Patrick, said that the road show would assist in uniting Nigerians irrespective of their cultural diversities.
“I feel very excited and happy. I pray that this will go a long way to uniting Nigerians. Culture is very important no matter where you come from, no matter the differences, culture always brings us together.
“My advice to Nigerian youths is that they should take advantage of this culture. We can make so many things from the culture not just the unity and diversity but also we can make good money.
“This can be achieved by taking it out there and people abroad love our culture so much.
“So, it is time for our parents, leaders, statesmen and each and every one comes together to tell our children and youths more about culture,’’ she said.
Also, Valentina Effiom, urged Nigerian youths to go back to their home towns and learn more about their cultures.
“I feel very excited and I think it is one way to say that we are diverse in culture. I feel excited that Nigeria is doing this today.
“Nigerian youths should go back to their home towns and learn more about their culture because there is so much to learn about our culture,’’ she said.
Edited by Kevin Okunzuwa/Bashir Rabe Mani
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