31,000 telecom scam suspects handed over to China by Myanmar

Scam suspects masked
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A total of 31,000 suspects have been transferred from Myanmar to Chinese custody to date in a crackdown on telecom fraud originating from northern Myanmar and affecting Chinese citizens.

The Ministry of Public Security made the announcement on Tuesday.

Among the suspects were 63 alleged masterminds, organisers, or key members, as well as 1,531 fugitives.

The arrests made, acting on the orders of the ministry of public security and the Yunnan Provincial Public Security Department, started since September.

The public security authorities in the regions such as Xishuangbanna, Pu’er, and Lincang collaborated with law enforcement agencies in Myanmar to carry out border law enforcement cooperation.

This had resulted in the successful transfer of a large number of telecom fraud suspects to Chinese authorities.

In November, to further strengthen the crackdown, Chinese public security authorities intensified their cooperation with Myanmar in the law enforcement.

They also launched a fierce offensive against telecom fraud crimes in northern Myanmar, leading to significant achievements and multiple successes.

Ming Guoping, Ming Julan and Ming Zhenzhen, ringleaders of a telecom and online fraud criminal gang in northern Myanmar’s Kokang Self-Administered Zone were arrested.

The chief criminal of the gang, Ming Xuechang committed suicide out of fear of punishment.

A large number of overseas fraud dens had been successfully eradicated, dealing a heavy blow to overseas fraud groups.

On Nov. 18, border law enforcement cooperation in Dehong achieved a major breakthrough as authorities in Muse, northern Myanmar, handed over 571 telecom fraud suspects to Chinese authorities.

Chinese public security authorities had vowed to maintain high-pressure crackdowns on telecom fraud groups in northern Myanmar.

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They would deepen border law enforcement cooperation with Myanmar, organised targeted crackdown operations, and make every effort to eliminate dens.

They apprehended fraud suspects, and resolutely safeguarded the safety and legitimate interests of the people, as well as maintain border security and stability. (Xinhua/NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Cecilia Odey/Chioma Ugboma

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