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February 26, 2024
You are currently viewing Waste management, malaria eradication agency will foster sustainable urban development – Lawmaker

Waste management, malaria eradication agency will foster sustainable urban development – Lawmaker

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By Deborah Coker

Sen. Ned Nwoko, (PDP -Delta North), says establishing an agency for malaria eradication, waste management and waste-to-power  in the country will play a vital role in fostering sustainable urban development.

Nwoko said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Sunday.

He noted that malaria had remained a significant health concern in Nigeria, causing substantial morbidity and mortality, and as such, if established, the agency would  be charged with ensuring that malaria is eradicated in the country.

“By eradicating the prevalence of malaria, the agency will be contributing not only to healthier communities but also to increased workforce productivity and a significant decrease in healthcare costs associated with treating malaria cases,” he said.

The lawmaker also said that effective waste management was essential for maintaining clean & sustainable environments.

He added that the agency would also be dedicated to waste management which would revolutionise how communities handled their waste.

According to him, the implementation of comprehensive waste disposal systems, recycling initiatives, and public awareness campaigns can mitigate environmental pollution, reduce health hazards, and contribute to the creation of a circular economy.

“The implementation of waste management practices, coupled with advancements in power generation, can  transform urban landscapes into cleaner, more efficient, and environmentally conscious spaces

“The agency will have to adopt cross sector integrated approaches such as vaccine development, sanitation and waste management to end malaria in Nigeria.

“Furthermore, the agency will also establish a structure for waste to power generation to address the long-standing power issues of Nigeria.

“The establishment of the agency that integrates waste-to-power generation is a game-changer in the energy sector.

“By incentivising and promoting technologies that convert waste into energy, the agency will address the challenges of power in Nigeria by providing an alternative source and mitigating the environmental impact of traditional power generation methods”.

Nwoko explained that this could generate more than 10,000 Megawatts translating in revenue of more than two trillion naira per annum for the federal government.

He stressed that the comprehensive approach of the agency would lead to economic growth and job creation.

“Waste management initiatives create employment opportunities in recycling and waste processing industries, and waste-to-power generation fosters innovation, attracting investments, and creating jobs in the renewable energy sector.

“It is estimated that more than three million Nigerians will be employed especially the youth, ” the lawmaker said. (NAN) (www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Vivian Ihechu

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