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February 26, 2024
You are currently viewing NGO empowers over 1,000 people on capacity building
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NGO empowers over 1,000 people on capacity building

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By Vivian Emoni

The C21FG International, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has inaugurated its Diamond Project to empower more people on capacity building to enhance wealth creation opportunities across the country.

Dr Michael Okoli, President and Entrepreneur Mentor of the organisation, said this while inaugurating the project on Sunday in Abuja.

Okoli said that the organisation was an international non-governmental organisation that has been in existence for many years and has elevated thousands of people from poverty.

He said that the aim of the project was to save the youths and their entire generation from hardship, as such efforts could transform lives of people.

He added that the project objective was also to effectively provide capacity building that would create positive opportunities to people for economic development.

According to him, the project will help people obtain intentional personal development, mentorship and training and mindset transformation.

“The project will help to mentor people on their life skills and will support people to know how to make good sales and expand their businesses for effective service delivery both locally and internationally.

“The project will as well help people to achieve the skill of leadership which will strongly encourage them to believe that they are responsible and capable of being independent in all ways,” he said.

Okoli, however, advised people to always work hard to achieve great success, adding that “success does not come to people, rather, people go and struggle for it.”

Dr Obianefo Esimai, Principal Global Leader of the organisation, said that the organisation had empowered many pioneers and was committed to repositioning lives of many youth across the country.

Esimai said that the organisation has trained people on various capacity building, therefore giving people opportunities of owning their own apartments and living independently.

He said that some of the benefits of a pioneer member was to have better opportunity for access to global mentorship and training as well leveraging on diamond tribe.

“Also, top business people will begin to partner with you and that will enable you to have access to global business expansion vehicle.

“The diamond project pioneer packs have about three categories, including Platinum – Very Important Personal (VIP) pack.

“Under this programme, investors with as small as N499,990 has potential to earn as much as 117. 6 million while its failure rate is just 10 per cent.

“The second range is the silver pack which returns a monthly income of N23.5 million over an initial investment of N190,000, while an investment of N69,990, can operate under the access pack.

“The organisation has supported many people, reformed their lives, visited various hospitals across the country and paid hospital bill is of many indigent patients, supports people in their education, assisted many Nigerians to strongly build their businesses among others.

The leader urged Nigerians to ensure they take good care of their health and always have enough rest, adding that health is wealth.

Also, Dr Victor Abalsom of the NGO, said that the project had created various job opportunities to many Nigerians and transformed lives of various people in the country.

Abalsom said that the inauguration of the project would attract more people into the programme, thereby enhancing people to learn more about how to develop strongly in any skills they acquired.

Mrs Ronke Kosemani, Wealth Mentor of the Organisation, said that the NGO taught her how to manage finances.

“My advise to people is that they should budget before spending, cut down on expenses, ensure they save and invest, it will help them get out of hardship and enjoy what they laboured for.

“The organisation will help people to bring out their true potentials and become the ultimate version of themselves.

“This can be achieved through effective mentorship, training, capacity building and financial leverage systems by the organisation,” she said. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Vincent Obi

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