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March 3, 2024
You are currently viewing YALI Network urges youth to prioritise personal, career development

YALI Network urges youth to prioritise personal, career development

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By Angela Atabo

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Network in Abuja has issued a call to the nation’s youth, urging them to prioritise personal and career development over engaging in social vices detrimental to Nigeria’s economic growth.

Mr Daniel Black, the Coordinator of the YALI Network, emphasised this during the Global Relevance Local Impact New Year news conference in Abuja, with the theme “Empowering Nigerian Youths for a Progressive Future.”

The YALI Network, established in 2010 by former U.S. President Barack Obama as a signatory project of the United States Mission across Africa, believes in the boundless potential of Nigerian youth.

Black highlighted the collective responsibility of the group to guide and support these youths on a path of growth.

“With over 200 million people, and 70 per cent of the population being youths, Nigeria faces challenges such as enticement to engage in social vices as a perceived fast track to wealth due to economic hardships,” Black explained.

He affirmed the commitment of the YALI Network, along with development partners like the Ebiadebheki Initiative and I-Dreams World, to actively call on youths to prioritise personal and career development.

While acknowledging the role of the government, Black encouraged youths to proactively shape their destinies and emphasised the transformative power individuals possess to influence their surroundings.

The YALI Network introduced various projects aimed at assisting Nigerian youths in achieving career and personal development, including online courses and platforms.

Black urged youths to embrace skill-based training, formal education, vocational training, self-help books, mentorship, networking, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, physical and mental well-being, volunteerism, and global awareness.

Eghonghon Ogbeide, Co-Founder of I-Dreams World, highlighted their partnership with YALI Network Abuja to support youth development, offering training in life skills, digital, and entrepreneurship skills.

“We encourage them to take their businesses worldwide and partner with other organizations for more opportunities,” Ogbeide stated.

The Communications Lead of Ebiadebheki Initiative, Ms. Debbie Obierika, emphasised their focus on youth development, assisting youths in understanding how to positively impact their lives through various training programs. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Maureen Ojinaka/Christiana Fadare

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