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February 27, 2024
You are currently viewing FAAN, CBN departments relocation: Group urges Nigerians to look beyond sentiments

FAAN, CBN departments relocation: Group urges Nigerians to look beyond sentiments

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By Emmanuel Oloniruha
A political support group has urged Nigerians to look beyond sentiments and politics on the planned relocation of headquarters of some federal agencies, departments and parastatals out of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.
The group, No Alternative To Tinubu Shettima 2023 (NATTS 2023), gave the advice in a statement by its National Coordinator, Mr Vincent Uba, in Abuja.
The Federal Government had announced the relocation of the Headquarters of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) and some departments of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to Lagos.

Uba said it was unfortunate that the decision was being politicised and tribalised in spite of its long term benefits.
He said that in every civilised and developed clime, headquarters and all departments of the Federal Government agencies were not necessarily cited in the nation’s capital.
Uba said they were rather located, where they had comparative advantage, ease of administration and less logistic costs.
He said even when it was not constitutionally given that all headquarters of agencies or departments of government should be restricted to the federal capital; it took a leader who understands all these to try to do the needful.
“In the history of Nigeria, we have not had a technocrat as leader; we have not had an accountant of international repute and an administrator per excellence as a president.
“Nigeria is now lucky to have a president who is a tested administrator and whose administrative competence and know how are playing out currently.
“We now have a man as president whose exposure and experience as a renowned accountant of international repute has started to yield dividend of quality leadership,” he said.
According to him, this president, with his profession and wealth of experience, knows that for agencies and parastatals to function optimally, certain frame works and structures must be put right.
“Hence the obvious need to relocate some of these agencies or departments to where they have comparative advantage.
“Rather than inputting tribal sentiments to these sound administrative changes, we should be concerned about the long term overall results.
“We should look at the benefits accruable from the action nationally,” Uba said.
He said what President Bola Tinubu had done so far should have started to endear him to the citizenry, including his fight against corruption without minding whose ox is gored.
Others according to him, include how the FCT was being sanitised, using Mr Nyesom Wike as the minister, as well as the removal of fuel subsidy.
“At the beginning, see how he fearlessly and courageously removed fuel subsidy that past presidents were afraid to touch, even with a long pole, for fear of the cries of the citizens because of the hardship associated with it.
“The question is, should a loving parent refuse to administer bitter pills to his children just because they will cry?
“No responsible father will refuse to give painful remedies to make sure the children become sound health wise,” he said.
He advised Nigerians to be patient with the reforms of the present administration, expressing confidence that the country would get better.
“Yes, things and times are hard partly because of the inherited problems from past administrations on the one hand and fuel subsidy removal on the other.
“The pains and economic hardship we experience now are like the pains suffered when a loving and caring parent administers bitter pills to the sick children, which if not done, may result in their death.
“Patience is what every Nigerian should exercise. We need to be patient with the president who has not even spent a year in office.
“Let us give him time and stop being quick in condemning. Things are certainly going to be better,” Uba said. (NAN)(www.nannews.ng)
Edited by Abiemwense Moru/Isaac Aregbesola

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