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April 21, 2024
You are currently viewing Nigeria must adopt PPP model for accelerated development, unity – Experts

Nigeria must adopt PPP model for accelerated development, unity – Experts

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By Grace Alegba

Some tourism and health stakeholders have called for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) toward accelerated development and unity of the nation.

They made the call at the “All Eyes Open Conference/Film Preview Awards”, held on Wednesday at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Victoria Island in Lagos.

The event with the theme: “Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Nigeria for Effective Governance and Socio-Economic Growth” was organised by the LCCI Hotel and Tourism Sector and LCCI Medical Sector.

The event was also used to preview a movie produced by Dr Tunde Lawrenson, which captures actual experiences of COVID-19 victims and those of health and hospitality experts as well as other stakeholders.

The movie records other challenges and solutions which resulted in success formula for taming Coronavirus in Lagos to prevent and reduce deaths.

The stakeholders at the event discussed Coronavirus in Lagos as a case study of how PPP can deliver success, national cohesion and economic growth.

Dr Tunde Lawrenson, Director/Producer of the movie, “All Eyes Open”, to premier soon, explained how dialogue and advocacy for partnership could help resolve all the nation’s crisis.

“We have greater things that can keep us together than the minor things that are trying to tear us apart,” he said.

He said Nigerians won the fight against coronavirus because of collaboration and partnership which should be continued for all round progress.

The President and Chairman of the Council of LCCI, Mr Gabriel Idahosa, said LCCI hosted the initial preview of the movie to support the work against coronavirus as future reference materials.

Deliverying a keynote address , Idahosa said public-private partnerships  were important instruments for driving inclusive growth, fostering innovation, and delivering efficient and effective public services.

He explained how public-private partnerships could enhance growth of tourism and health sectors while reeling out measures for both sectors.

“By leveraging the complementary strengths of both sectors, we can address some of the most pressing challenges facing our society, from healthcare and education to infrastructure development and job creation.

“Today’s conference and film preview awards serve as a platform to highlight the transformative power of PPPs in Nigeria.

“We will explore best practices, share insights, and showcase success stories that demonstrate the tangible impact of collaborative efforts between government entities, businesses, and civil society organisations like the LCCI,” he said.

He explained need to ramp up investment toward reducing Nigeria’s infrastructure deficit.

He reeled out measures on how to boost tourism and health infrastructure to promote growth through strategic partnerships.

Also, Mrs Sally Upko, Chairperson, LCCI Hotel and Tourism Group, said Lagos became reference point for taming coronavirus because despite the small landmass and explosive population, it tamed the pandemic.

She said the movie was an eye-opener to the public that COVID-19 did not ravage Nigeria as expected because of the special efforts of Lagos State to curtail the pandemic.

According to Dr Olusegun Ogboye, Permanent Secretary, Lagos State Ministry of Health, COVID-19 is an example of how government and private sector can achieve exceptional results through partnership.

L-R: The President and Chairman of the Council of LCCI, Mr Gabriel Idahosa; Mrs Abosede Okeyemi, Director of Membership, LCCI and Dr Tunde Lawrenson, Director/Producer of the movie “All Eyes Open” during “All Eyes Open Conference/Film Preview Awards” held at LCCI, Victoria Island in Lagos on Wednesday

Represented by Dr Bamidele Mutiu, Ogboye explained how the government through PPP used both public facilities and private labs for testing of different categories of residents through an efficient digital portal.

He said 70 per cent tests were done in private laboratories and 30 per cent in public laboratories, adding that collaboration ensured timely attendance to samples to deliver test results.

The Guest Speaker, Director, Prima Garnet Africa, Mr Dapo Daramola, explained how media could use timely accurate information to transform the society.

He gave a detailed history of the evolution and growth of the media in Nigeria as well as listing the importance of the media to the society.

He recalled and listed various occurrences and incidents including coronavirus and how government was able to use the media to correct misinformation and disinformation during the disasters and emergencies.

“Media if not well used will create a negative perception,” he said.

On his part, Mr Michael Osagie, who spoke on behalf of the awardees at the event explained the functions of the Public Complaints Commission (PCC), urging the public to take advantage of the commission’s free services.

Osagie, a Director in PCC, explained how the commission was able to trace and get out trapped funds of 3,117 COVID-19 vaccinators and ensured they were all paid.

Other stakeholders made recommendations and presentations on health and tourism collaborations during the dreadful coronavirus era.

They spoke on how nations that developed fast now being called Asian Tigers were able to grow fast through public-private partnerships and how Nigeria needs to adopt the model.

They identified collaboration as the way forward and missing link to Nigeria’s revolutionary advancement. (NAN)


Edited by Folasade Adeniran

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