IT experts want parents to invest in computer training for children

IT experts want parents to invest in computer training for children
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By Clara Egbogota

Mrs Chinwe Ijeoma, the Founder of Coding for My Child, has urged parents to invest and ensure their children learned computer coding to improve their creativity and problem-solving skills.

She made the call on Monday at the Tech and Career Fest entitled “Evolving Technology” held in Asaba.

She said that learning basic computer coding and programming languages could help children and youths understand how the modern world works, and eventually shape the digital future.

She added that “my advice is that no matter how small it is, if you can give yourself an hour every week to learn programming languages starting from the basics, it will go a long way.

“Youths need to come back to the point where they have a mindset to learn not just to make money because everything surrounding technology is about solving problems.

“Each programming language solves a problem behind the scene, so, they should understand solving problems, bringing out values, learning the creative side of technology which is programming.”

While saying that the  programme is apt, she urged youths to “understand the area you need to be in, while tech is evolving because whether we like it or not, the revolution is about technology.

“This revolution is evolving every single minute and every moment and every youth starting from even children should be made to key in.

“I was glad seeing children among the audience because if I was exposed to technology when I was six years old, maybe by now I should be very far from where I am right now.”

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Mr Charles Omodia, the Founder of Schoolville, also urged Nigerian youths to key into the technology industry, saying sayin”tech is the fastest way to get into digital world.

“As it stands today, you do not necessarily need to travel abroad to earn in foreign currency, you can be in Nigeria and with remote job, you can evolve a lot of things.

“Youths should always be patient because there is no quick way of making money, when you are good in what you do, money will eventually come.(NAN)(


Edited by Benson Iziama/Hadiza Mohammed-Aliyu

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