Sudan to prioritise humanitarian solutions

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By Fortune Abang

The government of Sudan says it will continue to prioritise humanitarian solutions amidst one year of protracted conflict situation in the country.

Ahmed Jaboul, Charge d’ Affaires of Sudan Embassy in Nigeria, who spoke with journalists on Friday in Abuja, said humanitarian solutions have become important for government to achieve progress.

According to him, although the conflict situation in Sudan has not completely changed since it began; the National Military Forces have halted hostilities in most parts of the country.

Jaboul said, “What we will like to focus on nowadays is the humanitarian solutions in Sudan.

“This is very critical area and one of the priorities, not only for the government, but also for the international community.

“The discussion on humanitarian solutions has been on since June, 2023, particularly at the conference held in Geneva, which centred on the conflict situation in Sudan.

“Yet, what we received as aids here in Sudan are not more than 10 per cent, the commitment was very weak.

“Even, the humanitarian aids we received in the central part of Sudan and stored in the central part of the Sudanese states have been invaded by the rebel forces.”

He said not much had been done by the international community to sustain humanitarian solutions resulting from conflict situation, especially to condemn rebel acts.

He expressed concern over moves by the rebel forces to invade central part of Sudan and parts of Western Sudan, thereby killing innocent people.

“The rebels just invade wherever they go to and start killing innocent people, taking everything they found suitable and stop business life totally wherever they go.

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“The government of Sudan is willing to have roundtable like it did in Jedda in 2023, to negotiate political settlement.

“At the end of the negotiations last year, there were commitments made by each party, government played its part, those who hosted the peace talk alluded to it, but the rebels failed to play their part.

“We agreed the rebels should come out from the houses of civilians, public entities, government institutions, universities and move to safe places, to enable us proffer solutions.

“Unfortunately, the agreement was not adhered to by the rebel forces, but the situation has changed now.

“The military forces control the Sudan capital and most central parts, except parts of Dafur still under control of the rebels,” he added.

He appealed to media organisations to always play their role to promote correctness on news about the conflict in Sudan to encourage humanitarian solutions, sustainable peace and ensure negotiations for political settlements. (NAN) (

Edited by Abiemwense Moru

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