December 1, 2021


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`Aproko’ Doctor says awareness key to improving Nigeria’s healthcare

By Augusta Uchediunor

A general medical practitioner, Dr Fidelis Ekemba, popularly known as : `Aproko’ Doctor™ (@aproko_doctor), says awareness and having the right information are critical elements that will help improve the nation’s healthcare indices.

Ekemba told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Tuesday that a lot still needed to be done when it comes to the state of healthcare in Nigeria.

“While there are victories in some select and minor areas; generally, the state of the country’s healthcare system seems to be poor.

“Nigeria is still considered one of the nations with a weak healthcare system and part of the reason is because of the burden of the people on the already burdened healthcare system.’’

The doctor who is also the Founder of @DHealthyThreads, said that Nigeria was having a record of one doctor to over 10,000 persons.

He said that the statistics was above the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of one doctor to between 400 persons and 600 persons.

“ Given that particular kind of disparity in our healthcare system, there is still a lot of work to be done.

“So, that is where the awareness should come in.’’

He said that the stakeholders in the healthcare sector should prevent the public from going to hospitals.

He said that they should make the hospital a place that people should go to only when they really needed it.

The medical doctor said that through that they would be reducing the burdens on the nation’s healthcare system.

He said that would give the sector an opportunity to improve on its services to the public.

“People need to know how to live a healthy life. They should also know when things are going wrong in their bodies or among those persons around them.

“People need to have the right information to overcome myths and conceptions that abound.

“They also need to know the importance of medical checkups, how to keep their environments clean, as well as recognise warning signs and others.’’

He said that `Aproko’ doctor was conceived so that the public could be aware of what they should know and do regarding their health conditions.

He said that it was also for them to be able to bridge the gaps of ignorance and myths that abound in their environments.

“ That’s why a couple of other doctors and I tried to improve the awareness of the regular Nigerians because doing that will help to improve the healthcare of Nigeria.

“That is where `Aproko’ Doctor came from.

`Aproko’ basically means someone who makes a lot of noise, someone who leaks secrets or does not mind his or her own business.

“And we figured that the best way to get the attention of Nigerians is through the use of the social media; because an average person spends about four hours daily on the social media alone.

“So, I said why not go there and try to see how I can influence the common Nigerian and improve their health care practice, while at the same time help them to improve the health indices of Nigeria.’’

He said that the name `Aproko’ Doctor was adopted because it caught the attention of several people who eventually embraced it.

He said that the feedback reaching him showed that `Aproko’ doctor was not doing badly.

“This is the second year of its being in existence. ` I think we’ve done quite a good job. I think the testimonies from the people have been: I eat better because of Aproko Doctor™.

“ I do a lot of things better now than I used to do in the past.’’

He said that his next line of action was that he intended to collaborate with international bodies and reach out to people he had not been able to and needed his medical services.

“ In as much as we have been able to reach quite a number of people on the social media, there are still many others who do not have access to it.

“That is the next step, that’s where we want to reach now,’’ he said.

He said that he was ready to collaborate with international bodies, investors and people who are passionate about improving the health indices of Nigerians. (NAN)