December 8, 2021


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As Jide Adebayo goes home, cleric reminds of inevitable death

Death is the soul of a man that rises in the morning and go down in the night according to the Holy Bible.

A Cleric, Rev. (Dr) S.O. Olayemi of the 2nd ECWA Church, Agamo, Omu-Aran in Kwara, has admonished people to always remember that death was a necessity for all.

Olayemi, the Local Overseer, 2nd ECWA Church Agamo, Omu-Aran, gave the admonition in Omu-Aran, on Saturday at the funeral service for the late Chief Jide Adebayo, a former acting Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

He said we should all prepare for death at all times, saying “as visitors and strangers in life, death will surely come”.

The cleric said that the length of years an individual spent in life does not matter to God, “but what such an individual was able to impact on humanity”.

According to him, truth that is difficult for us to accept in our society today is the message of death; I want us to know that all of us shall return to where we come from.

“Either you are rich or poor, when death came calling, there is no way again.

“Death is the soul of a man that rises in the morning and go down in the night according to the Holy Bible.

“I want us to know that we are visitor and stranger in this life. If I said we are visitors and strangers, that is someone who is in a town or community or place for a while,” he said.

“In Nigeria today, we are facing a lot of challenges, yesteryears people do trek from Omu-Aran to Ilorin without problems, but that cannot happen now.

“I want to us know that our presence abode in life is temporary,” Olayemi said.

Extolling the virtues of Adebayo, he said that during his life, he was a promoter of peace and unity, when some of us are agent of one evil or the other.

“The years we spent doesn’t matter to God, but what we are able to achieve through our living.

“If we understand that this life is temporary, we will tread softly. This life is full of poverty, unemployment, insecurity, sorry and many challenges.

“If I said we are visitors and we are going back home, are we really sure of having easy access to our eternal homes.

“Everyday in our lives, as regard our actions of commission and omission, what then do you want people to remember you for.

“Our deeds in this world will provide the lead way to our eternal homes.

“Either we know, who is next to die or not, and no matter the prayer, death is surely coming, only that we may not know the time and causes and that’s why we should prepare at all times,” he said. (NAN)