June 16, 2021


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Christmas: Nigerians in Qatar adhered to COVID-19 protocols – NIDO

NIDO-Qatar strictly adhered to COVID-19 protocols, as a means of staying safe during the Christmas celebrations.

By Fortune Abang
Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation-Qatar (NIDO-Qatar) strictly adhered to COVID-19 protocols, as a means of staying safe during the Christmas celebrations, NIDO-Qatar President Mr Victor Ikoli has said.
“Most of the religious activities held in churches did not exceed 30% of the capacity, based on occupancy of 9m2 per person at any location. Individuals cancelled the usual elaborate Christmas party and focused on family dinner and it is expected to be the same for New year.
“For the New Year watch night, most people will stay at home and observe the service online as well as the first religious service of 2021,” Ikoli said.
Speaking in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday, in Abuja, Ikoli said people were aware that Christmas and New Year this year would be different, so they should celebrate the season without being exposed to COVID-19.
“Nigerians kept it simple at home or outdoor events, set up hand sanitizer stations at all entrances or exits, in the kitchen and in the bathrooms. Everyone is encouraged to wear face masks or to be given freely at social gatherings,” he added.
“The key to the safe and healthy planning of Christmas and New Year at COVID-19 is to keep the safety protocols as intimate as possible. Let it be a simple family celebration, not the usual big gathering at this time of year.
“In Qatar, the Ministry of Public Health currently recommended on the number of worshippers at religious gatherings, guests allowed at social gatherings, the fewer people you invite, the less risk you pose to your guests or worshippers.
He noted that most people in Qatar did not just consider the location of social gatherings, but the duration of such gatherings, as well as the number of guests, before venturing into it.
As for those who attended outdoor gatherings, Ikoli said they considered all  precautionary measures,  before stepping out.
NAN reports that NIDO-Qatar is a voluntary Non-Governmental Organisation of Nigerian professionals and entrepreneurs living in Qatar. (NAN)

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