September 24, 2021


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Cleric cautions Christians against idolatry

Cleric admonishes leaders to show humility in service

Rt. Rev, Moses Tabwaye, the Bishop, Diocese of Gwagwalada, Anglican Communion has cautioned Christians against the sin of idolatry.

By Monday Ijeh

Rt. Rev, Moses Tabwaye, the Bishop, Diocese of Gwagwalada, Anglican Communion has cautioned Christians against the sin of idolatry and urged them to be steadfast in the work of God.

Tabwaye stated this on Friday in Abuja in his “Bishop Charge” delivered at the 1st Session of the 8th Synod of the church.

He said the theme of the Synod, “Who is on the Lord’s Side?” was to rediscover God’s primary position and His place of being worshipped as God Almighty in the hearts of Christians.

Tabwaye said the idea was to remind Christians of the behaviour of the Israelites when Moses was up on the mountain having meeting with God.

“The people were in the camp restless about all that were happening because of fear that Moses would not return and therefore, told Aaron to make them gods to worship.”

He said Moses was angry when he came down to discover that they were already worshiping other gods but interceded for the people when God was ready to destroy them.

The cleric said it was at this time that Moses called for those who were on the Lord’s side to join him and take a stand.

“We need the same kind of call to commitment today. We are not talking about people who need to be saved here; we are talking about people who profess to know Christ.

“Like the Israelites of the old, many slipped into idolatry. It may not be worship of some golden calf idols, may be worship of money, houses, jobs, recreation, telephone, television and at time people,” he said.

He said idolatry was the futility and emptiness’ of human heart, manifested in high level of pretence, compromise and polytheism,

“In the church today, idolatry is a thing of great concern because of the disappointment that people troop into the church on Sundays and yet no substance.

“The issues of idolatry has bordered our heart, the idol that people worship today are redefined day in and day out just to soothe the society of all races.

“Although we may say that these idols have forms and types, yet their aim is still the same, to shift away the hearts of many from the God of heaven.

“The truth remains and as we all know, God hates the sin of idolatry, He will punish all idolaters,” he said.

According to him, to be on the Lord’s side is to be committed to doing the will of God, to do everything to glorify Him, to hate what God hates and love what He loves.

The cleric called on government at all levels to take proactive actions to address the increasing rate of insecurity in the country before it would be late.

He said the Synod had resolved to encourage local policing and self security, adding that the violent farmers-herders conflict in the country had shown that it was a struggle over land.

He said the current situation in the country was disheartening but commended the Federal Government over its efforts to curb corruption and insecurity.

Tabwaye said the efforts of the government had not yielded the expected results, therefore, called for greater commitment to address the challenges.

He cautioned against interference along political party lines, religion and ethnic affiliations in dealing with issues of corruption, unlawful possession of firearms and other criminal activities. (NAN)

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