October 26, 2021


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COVID-19 memorial: Group to plant 1,000 trees in Lagos

By Uchenna Eletuo

The Urban Tree Renewal Initiative (UTRI) says it has concluded plans to plant a thousand trees in Ologe Araromi area of Badagry, Lagos, as Coronavirus (COVID-19) memorial forest.

UTRI is a Lagos-based organisation that has taken tree planting across the nation as a means to halt negative impacts of climate change and reserve human habitat.

The organisation’s Director, Ms Omobola Eko, during a mobilisation and pet talk with tree planter volunteers in Lagos on Sunday said that afforestation was in tandem with natural sequence.

Eko said that COVID-19 had disrupted human habitat with heavy casualties;  prompting UTRI to take the project of establishing COVID-19 memorial forest in parts of the country as a  crusade to check further natural disaster.

She said the forest would be a signpost to the generation unborn on the adverse effects of the global pandemic and for them to take proactive steps towards preserving the environment.

She said it would be maintained by the group to maturity before handing it over to the state governments.

According to her, the Badagry event which forms part of the Lagos Tree Planting Day will among other things arouse people consciousness on the essence of trees to human habitat and the need to preserve them.

“The pet talk with volunteers is essential to inform the foot soldiers on what is expected of them in their interface with the people during the July 14 Badagry Tree Campaign.

“Apart from tree planting the team will carry out road walk where the people will be educated inter- personally to preserve and conserve forest and the consequences of its reverse,” Eko said.

The tree planter, who frowned at the seemingly parochial attitude of people towards climate change said that human wants rather than need were exerting pressure on the environment.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the group with support from the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) and others has planted not less than five million trees nationwide from 2019 to date. (NAN)

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