Emulate Christ’s humanitarian services- Priest tells politicians

By Taire Okudolo

A missionary priest of the African Fathers of Mercy, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel-Mary Onyeobi, has urged political leaders to emulate Christ’s sacrifice for salvation of humanity that the Good Friday symbolises.

“This country will be better off if our political leaders emulate Christ’s humility unto death for the betterment of Nigerians,’’ he said in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday.

“Good Friday symbolises the greatest form of service to humanity and that is the kind of governance mindset Nigerians desire now from their political leaders.

Onyeobi said a country that its elected leaders strove to do exactly as Christ did to actualise mankind’s salvation by his death and resurrection would be truly blessed.

He said Good Friday’s message was relevant for Nigeria considering the nation-building challenges, adding that “a Christ-like mindset is a sure way to end ethnic misgivings and religion-inclined conflicts.’’

Onyeobi said the country needed more leaders with the conviction of sacrifice for the people for development to reign in the country.

“We are experiencing very serious developmental challenges that are worsening ethnic divisions, poverty, anger and demoralisation in the citizens among others.

“The times call for sacrifice and cooperation from politicians irrespective of party and not selfish pursuit of interests by the stylish politicking for a 2023 elections that is still far.

“The suffering Nigerians continue to groan, while some politicians are promoting sinister acts for their parochial interests at the expense of the people,’’ he said.

Onyeobi said that Nigerians should shun betrayal of their leaders being the lesson exemplified by the Good Friday “and avoid dishonouring the country’s image by criminal acts that portray us negatively before foreigners.’’ (NAN)

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