June 25, 2021


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First cargo train from Turkey arrives  China

The first cargo train from Turkey to China has arrived in the north-western Chinese city of Xi’an, with all goods finishing customs clearance, according to local authorities.

The cargo train, which left Istanbul on Dec. 4, travelled 8,693 km with 42 containers.

According to Xi’an International Trade & Logistics Park, the train carried products worth about 10.4 million yuan (about 1.59 million U.S. dollars),

“The joyous occasion marks the revival of the historical ties between Turkey and China,” said Abdulkadir  Onen, Turkish ambassador to China, at a ceremony to mark the event.

He added that the railway connection between China and Europe had become even more vital during the pandemic.

According to the ambassador, freight trains play a crucial role in stabilising the international logistics supply chain.

“Further use of the railway connection between Turkey and China will accelerate economic activity across Eurasia,” he said. (Xinhua/NAN)

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