June 22, 2021


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Foundation wants North-based foundations to collaborate on tackling insecurity



By Ruth Oketunde

The A. A Zaura Foundation has called on North-based foundations to speak up against the rising cases of insecurity in the region.

Mr Abdulsalam Zaura, Founder of the foundation, said this when a delegation from the Classic Homes Development Foundation, paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja.

He said that continuous refusal to speak the truth to the youths and the government would continue to worsen the situation in the region.

“I know most foundations do the same thing, like helping people, reaching out to the vulnerable, but I want to add something that I want most foundations to work on.

“That is the issue of insecurity, what most foundations do is damage control and damage control is done after it happens, but what can we do before it happens.

“What is the way forward, how do we advocate and appeal to government to address what is happening concerning insecurity in the northern region.

“Why I am saying this is because we have to come out with one voice, unite and appeal to all those concerned to do more to address this issue.

“One of the advice I will give to this foundation and other foundations is to please include this issue in your objectives.

“Some of the people you give food to were displaced from their homes, they were forced out of their homes and they became Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and what made them IDPs is insecurity.

“Though, none of us, no foundation, no pressure group have the power to end this, the only power we have is our tongue to speak the truth,” he said.

In his remarks, Mr Yusuf Maina, President, Classic Home Development Foundation, said the aim of the visit was to collaborate with the Zaura foundation to empower more youths in the North.

He added that when the youths are gainfully employed and empowered with different skills, they would not be used as tools to promote evil and insecurity.

“The way we are facing the issue of insecurity, if we can come out and say it to the world, showing them the disadvantage and what people are facing and I feel if we can collaborate with other foundations, we can achieve our aims,” he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the highlight of the event was a presentation of an award to the founder of the A.A Zaura Foundation, for his contributions towards the empowerment of youths in the North. (NAN)

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