Holocaust: Israel stresses need for proper education of young people

Holocaust: Israel stresses need for proper education of young people

By Fortune Abang

Harpaz Gadi, Charge d’Affaires of the Israeli Embassy in Nigeria has stressed the need to educate young people on the dangers about Holocaust, to avoid a repeat of it in the future.

Gadi said this in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja in commemoration of 2021 International Day in memory of Israeli victims of the Holocaust by Nazi Germany celebrated on every April 8.

The envoy harped on the significance of education about Holocaust for future generations, adding that it had become important to educate the younger generation about the event in the annals of global history.

“Today, as the generation that experienced the Holocaust is disappearing, the Holocaust Deniers Movement is expanding and we see the strengthening of neo-Nazis and far rights groups that support racism and, xenophobia.

“It is our obligation to teach younger generation regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity about this dark period in human history, to ensure no human being will ever face such horrific experience, as that of Holocaust.

“We need our children, grandchildren and future generations to not look away and not remain silent to hate, crimes, discrimination and antisemitism

“Also for any injustice made in the name of ideology, religion or for any other reason anywhere in the world,” Gadi said.

He quoted George Santayana, an American philosopher to say those who cannot remember the past were condemned to repeat it.

The envoy also recalled that six million Jews were murdered by Nazis during Second World War.

He explained that two minutes silence is often observed by Israelis globally to mark the middle of Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel.

He said that Holocaust was horrific because Nazis in Germany used most advanced technological and scientific means to produce largest death factory in human history, annihilation of Jewish race and create “Judenfrei” land without Jews;

“During the Holocaust, six million Jews, a third of global Jewish population, two-thirds of Jewish population in Europe, 90 per cent of Polish Jews then were murdered in cold-blood by Nazis and their collaborators in “enlightened” European countries.

“Men, women and children were all subject to atrocities committed by the Nazis; Prisoners were exploited as slaves and forced to do hard labour in areas occupied by the Nazis.

“Some prisoners were severely tortured, the few who survived the horrors carried extreme mental trauma for the rest of their life and many Jewish communities and families were erased forever and no trace of them remains,” he added.

He disclosed that the Holocaust also occurred in Africa, adding that the Nazis and their collaborators in North Africa committed atrocities against the local Jewish community.

He said that under the Italian fascist occupation of Mussolini, concentration camps were built and the Jews of Libya were sent to them.

He further said that under Nazi occupation thousands of Jews were arrested some of them were murdered in Tunisia and that some people were sent to extermination camps in Europe.

He, however, said that laws were enacted that discriminated against the Jews from the rest of the population in Morocco and Algeria respectively, saying citizenship and civilian rights were revoked. (NAN)