August 5, 2021


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International Family Day: Association tasks NASS, govt. on policies

Family of four celebrating 'International Family Day'

Family of four celebrating 'International Family Day'

Association of Aliwe Daughters International (AADI), an NGO, tasks government at all levels on policies that will promote families in Nigeria as it commemorates International Day of Family.

By Aderogba George

Association of Aliwe Daughters International (AADI), an NGO, has tasked government at all levels on policies that will promote families in Nigeria in commemoration of  the International Day of the Family.

The association in made the call on Tuesday in Abuja in collaboration with Transformational Parenteen Network, also an NGO, at a family round table to celebrate the 2021 International Day of the Family.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the International Day of the Family is usually celebrated May 15 of every year to discuss problems within  families and find a way of solving such problems.

The association, which particularly urged the National Assembly to lead the train in the policy formulation,  noted that absence of promotion of family values had brought moral decadence in the society of today.

Mrs Mute Olori,  Host of Transformational Parenteen, urged parents to begin to build good moral values of the family in their children to restore all the glory associated with good families.

According to her, good moral values has been eroded in the family and replaced with immoralities that we  see in the society of today.

“We must go back to  building the families and this starts by building yourself. Many of us have compromised our values because we need to meet up with certain things in the society.

“We have traded policies, values and principles. We need to come up and define who we want to be through the unit.

“Government must also strive to put in place, policies and implement them so that people will stop cutting corners and trade their values because they want to feel among the affluent in  society,” she said.

She added that so many parents had  confused their children with double standard life style all in the aim of trying to meet up with their counterparts, which she said had brought so many immoralities.

Also, Mrs Dough Mchiaga-Tsavsar, a mental health advocate called on parents to continue to guide their children in the use of technology for positive purposes.

Mchiaga-Tsavsar, who disagreed that technology had caused much harm on 21st century generation children, added that it depended  on the way such technology was being put into use.

She urged  parents to remain connected to  their children and guide them into positive use of computer, a device of technology.

“Parents must define their family values, give your children a comfort zone in your home, we must listen to our children and understand each other, you can only correct somebody you have connection with.

“Those girls that are promiscuous in the family is because we don’t  teach them the right family values, we must work out a method that will suit the family.

“Technology is okay but we must work it out to the advantage of our children so that they don’t go astray using it,” she said.

In her address of welcome, President of AADI, Mrs Irene Awunah, attributed security challenges  bedevilling Nigeria to the  break down of family values.

She said that  the family round table was organised to brainstorm and exploit solutions to the deteriorating security issues in the country.

“The genesis of insecurity in Nigeria is breakdown in the family, we put together this event as our own way of reawakening  values that have failed in the family.

“This is to encourage parents to wake up to their responsibilities as nation builders, the reason why we have the crop of leaders we have today is because the parents of yesterday failed to mould leaders for us.

“This is an opportunity to add our voice particularly to parents who feel that the school they have put their children in are  good enough to mould them,” she said. (NAN)

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