Mother of Jordan’s ex-crown prince decries allegations against son

Mother of Jordan’s ex-crown prince decries allegations against son

Jordan’s Queen Nour, the mother of ex-crown prince Hamzah, on Sunday dismissed as “wicked slander” allegations that her son was involved in destabilising acts.

On Saturday, the Jordanian army said Hamzah, King Abdullah II’s half-brother, was asked to refrain from activities that could be damaging to the kingdom’s stability.

Jordan also said several high-profile figures were detained due to security reasons amid media reports they were linked to Hamzah.

Nour, the widow of Jordan’s late king Hussein, said in a tweet she was praying that truth and justice would prevail for all the innocent victims of this wicked slander.

Hamzah, 41, was Jordan’s crown prince between 1999 and 2004, when Abdullah removed him and appointed his own son.

In videos released on Saturday, Hamzah said he was told by the head of the army not to leave his house or communicate with people.

His remarks came hours after the military denied the prince was under house arrest.

While there has been previous rumours about divisions within Jordan’s royal family, such a public split is rare.

Several Arab governments have voiced unequivocal backing for the Jordanian measures.

The leaders of Qatar, Kuwait and Morocco on Sunday called King Abdullah II and expressed support for the Jordanian monarch in “maintaining Jordan’s security and stability,” Jordanian media reported.

Jordan, a mostly desert kingdom, is a major regional U.S. ally. (dpa/NAN)