September 24, 2021


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Pilgrims pray for Nigeria at mount Nebo

Pilgrims pray for Nigeria at mount Nebo

Nigerians on Pilgrimage have prayed fervently for God’s intervention on the prevailing security challenges in different parts of the country.

By Jessica Onyegbula

Nigerians on Pilgrimage to Jordan on Tuesday prayed fervently for God’s divine intervention on the prevailing security challenges in different parts of the country.

The pilgrims, who entered into a covenant with God at Mount Nebo, where Moses sighted the promise land, asked God to deliver Nigeria from those bent on destroying it.

While praying against the spirit of anger, destruction and disobedience, the Christian Pilgrims noted that life without God was meaningless.

The pilgrims, who were divided into various groups prayed for economic prosperity of the nation, youth development and peaceful co-existence in the country.

The Christians also prayed for Nigerian leaders, especially President Muhammadu Buhari,members of his cabinet and members of the National Assembly.

They prayed for God’s wisdom to lead the country out of the current challenges.

A tour guard, Mueen Akroush, who led the pilgrims round Mount Nebo and other Holy sites, gave an insight into the Biblical history of the sites and their relevance to the present day.

He also led the pilgrims to Hisbon, which is widely identified with one of the cities of the Plain, Heshbon, due to similarities of their names as captured in Number 21:26.

Akroush explained that “Hisbon formerly ruled by the Amorite King Sihon, and the region of central Jordan was referenced to in the Songs of Solomon 7:3, which says “your eyes are like pools on Heshbon.

He said that Hisbon, which was later fortified in the Roman Byzantine period, also called Esbus, was important station on early Christian Pilgrims’ route from Jerusalem to Mount Nebo via River Jordan.

According to Deuteronomy, Moses ascended Mount Nebo, to view the Land of Canaan, which God had said he would not enter and he died in Moab.

Akroush told the Pilgrims that Moses was buried on the mountain, although his place of burial was not specified. (NAN)


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