June 22, 2021


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Tech experts task entrepreneurs on digital mindset

By Lydia Ngwakwe

Mr Olaniyi Yusuf, Managing Partner of Verraki Partners, on Thursday, urged entrepreneurs and business owners to leverage opportunities that technology had presented them in the last one year to grow their businesses.

Yusuf gave the advice at a webinar with the topic: ” Developing Digital Mindset for Business Opportunities and Growth “, organised by the CRC Credit Bureau Ltd, a data, analytics and technology company, in Lagos.

He said that technology, which was driving changes in the emerging world, had become inevitable, urging Small and Medium Enterprises not to underestimate its powers.

“To be a part of this, the big thing you need to do is to change your mindset and begin to have a digital mindset.

“A digital mindset is a mindset that is curious, that seeks to know more about why things happen; and a mindset that always asks the question Why.

“A digital mindset is a mindset that takes exponential form, it takes geometric progression that things can scale, and it is persistent, inclusive and accountable.

“So, for you and I to have that kind of mindset that is open to digitalisation, we must take some steps and changes into consideration,” he said.

Yusuf said that these steps include being ready to challenge our core beliefs and reframe the perspective, in terms of the challenge.

Secondly, he advised leaders to embrace digitalisation, be comfortable with it and learn to experiment it.

He also listed five forces of growth that business companies could leverage on as capital, labour, technology, customers and entrepreneurship.

According to him, all five forces are in many ways driven and influenced by technology.

Ms Juliet Ehimuan, Director leading Google’s Buisness Strategy in West Africa, said that business opportunities were largely driven by technology last year.

She said that organisations and business owners now carry out online stores and services, flexible work environment, payment systems, sharing and collaboration.

Ehimuan also said that digitalisation would help businesses smash boundaries and scale significantly, among other benefits.

Beyond that, she said business companies that had taken advantage of digitalisation were attracting foreign direct investments, based on the innovation with which they have been able to run their businesses.

The Founder/ Managing Director, Sparkle, Mr Uzoma Dozie, in his own remark, urged business start-ups to develop a digital mindset for their business from the beginning.

He said that digitalisation had become a useful commodity. (NAN)

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