Lawmaker warns parents against overindulging children with technology

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By Aderogba George

Hon. Stanley Olajide (PDP Oyo State), a member of the House of Representatives, has issued a caution to parents regarding the excessive use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) by their children.

Olajide, representing Ibadan Northwest/Southwest Constituency, delivered the advice during the 4th stakeholders dialogue on “Child Protection” organised by the Hope for Second Chance Foundation (HOSEC), an NGO.

The event, themed “Safeguarding Our Future: Nurturing Safe Digital Spaces for Nigerian Child,” aimed to address concerns surrounding child safety in the digital age.

Olajide emphasised the importance of implementing proper controls when allowing children to use ICT devices, noting the potential risks associated with unrestricted access to the digital space.

He warned that without appropriate measures in place, the rapid expansion of the digital landscape could pose more harm than good to children.

Olajide revealed that legislative efforts are underway to regulate the use of ICT, underscoring the need for parents to fulfill their responsibilities in guiding their children’s technology usage.

He urged parents to remain vigilant and proactive in safeguarding their children’s well-being amidst the evolving digital landscape.

“People are using the children through the cyberspace to perpetrate crime. There are organ harvesters on the internet, they are everywhere now.

“Parents must stop indulging their children in ICT use, but if you must do so, put the right control in place.

“Technology as a tool is more powerful than the friends we keep, we must be cautious.”

The lawmaker also advised children to be contented with whatever their parents gave them, saying “some parents are really struggling for their children.”

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Mrs Ibukunoluwa Otesile, the Executive Director, HOSEC, said that the safety of the digital space is the responsibility of all and sundry.

She lamented that if Nigerians are not careful with the use of technology, the country may have corrupt children.

“We must all lend our voice to this call, that is the whole essence of this event, all voices must be amplified, the digital space must be safe for children, ” she said.

On his part, Prof. Adebusuyi Adeniran, the Head of Sociology and Information Sciences, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun, emphasised the need to control the cyberspace.

He said that “the problem can be better addressed through primary socialisation, as parents must think of the message they are passing to their children with the use of ICT.

“There is no way ICT use can be stopped in Nigeria, but we can have control over it on children.

“We must make internet align with the country’s cultural practices. The Church, Mosque and school cannot train our children for us, the onus is on us to do it ourselves,” Olajide said. (NAN)(

Edited by Modupe Adeloye/Hadiza Mohammed-Aliyu

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