October 19, 2021


Africa's Media Giant

About Us

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) is the Africa’s Leading News Agency. NAN serves as the primary news contents provider for Nigeria’s News Industry, such as newspapers, electronic media and bloggers. Established by the Nigerian Government via Decree 19 in 1976, NAN became operational on 2 October 1978.

Our Mandate

  1. To seek, obtain and otherwise receive through subscription payment, exchange or other means, international, regional, local and other news materials and features
  2. To distribute such news, news materials and news features to subscribers against payment either in the form of news exchange or in such terms as may be agreed.
  3. To present complete, objective and impartial information, news, news materials or features on any matter of public or national interest within and outside the federation.
  4. To report truthfully and fairly, without prejudice to public and national interest, the views of all section of the federation and;
  5. To engage in commercial enterprises that are ancillary to the objects of the agency.

Capacity and Strength

With substantial reach and mobility across the 36 states of Nigeria, and with over a thousand of staff strength nationwide and across the globe, NAN produce more than 300 stories per day, with additional collaborations with Reuters, AFP, DPA, INTER-TASS, PANA and Xinhua news agencies.

Outreach Coverage

As the primary news content provider for Nigeria’s News Industry, news published on our platform is picked and republished by hundreds of our subscribers across the 36 states of Nigeria and the FCT. No other news organization covers Nigeria like NAN.

…Talk to NAN, talk to Nigeria

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