9 Compelling Reasons to Choose Malta for Life

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9 Compelling Reasons to Choose Malta for Life

Malta, located in the southern part of Europe and in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, is an
excellent choice for relocation if you decide to change your country of residence. It is a great
place to live, study and work.

How to Obtain Maltese Citizenship
Citizenship of an exotic island is granted by descent or birth. And foreigners obtain the coveted second passport by naturalization or by investing. To do this, you need to invest personal funds in the purchase of real estate, private organization or transfer the amount to
the account of the National Foundation. If you plan to apply for Maltese citizenship, the amount of investment starts from 690 000 euros. Also for moving to Malta through investment is allowed to rent a property for 1–3 years for at least 12000 euros.
In addition to the fact that the Maltese are very friendly and hospitable to their fellow citizens and foreigners, there are other reasons to consider Malta one of the best destinations for migrants from countries that are not part of the EU. Let’s take a closer look at them.

A relaxed way of life
The picturesque nature, delightful sandy beaches, rocky coves and lush tropical greenery on a
small island give a very different feeling of life, more measured and fulfilling. Here
everything is within reach. After immigration to Malta, you will find plenty of activities
waiting for you – walks amidst stunning nature to a bustling nightlife in local clubs and bars,
as well as diving, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing. You can eat in restaurants on the beach. It is
convenient to move around the island by car or public transportation. Here you are not afraid
of the noise and bustle of megacities.

Climate conditions
The island has excellent climatic conditions with sunny weather for about 300 days a year,
with an average of 5–6 hours of sunshine per day in winter and about 12 hours in summer.
Mild, cool winters with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius and dry hot summers make
the country desirable for anyone who dislikes or has a poor tolerance for cold weather.

Low cost of living
In terms of living standards, Malta is also a very affordable country: an income of 1800–2000
euros per month will suffice. When planning a move, you need to allow for these monthly
● utilities (water, electricity, fuel and internet) – 100–150 euros;

● rent of a middle-class apartment in the capital – 1000–1200 euros;
● travel on local transport: one-time trip – 1.50 euros, pass – 26 euros;
● private medical insurance – 60–100 euros;
● doctor’s visit – about 15 euros.
As for food, it depends on the family, but foreign products are more expensive than locally
produced food.

Education system
The state’s education system is highly rated, with a predominantly British curriculum. You can choose from state, church or independent schools, as well as educational institutions for
children with special needs. There are universities that give students a decent level of knowledge. Citizens of non-EU countries can expect tax exemption on tuition fees.

Health care system
As far as medical services are concerned, they are at a high level and subject to European
standards. Private and state hospitals and medical centers are modern and equipped with the
latest devices for diagnostics and treatment. It is possible to apply for a doctor’s help by medical insurance.

National language
Maltese and English are recognized as the national languages on the island. They have equal
status and are used in the government for official purposes. Many Maltese also speak other languages, such as French and Italian.

Malta is one of the countries with the lowest unemployment rate and the fastest growing
economy in the EU. According to Vladlena Baranova (Immigrant Invest agency), the key
sectors of the island state are agriculture, fishing, trade, manufacturing, construction, mining,
information technology, electronics, pharmaceuticals and tourism. The main markets for the
sale and purchase of goods are the Eurozone, the USA and Singapore.

Constitutionally, the Maltese are Catholics, then the local law guarantees freedom of religion.
Therefore, there are several other denominations on the island, such as the Anglican Church,
Baptists, Seventh Day Adventists, Pentecostals and others. There is also a Muslim community, Hindus and Buddhists.

Culture and traditions
Malta is rich in history, culture and traditions. In the summer, there is a festival in honor of its
patron saint. These are street parties with delicious food, parades of marching bands and magnificent fireworks. The islands are famous for delicious, gourmet food, using local ingredients and the freshest produce. Pastizzi and Maltese ħobż biż-zejt are recommended for starters.

Bottom Line
So there are plenty of reasons to move to the exotic island, as Malta is one of the best countries for obtaining an EU residence permit. And there are ways to do it, too. You can find out about them and the application process at the consultation of the migration agency. In
detail, this issue is disclosed on the website immigrantinvest.com. Take action and let sunny
Malta become your home in the very near future.

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