February 26, 2024
Ali M. Ali The Managing Director/CEO, NAN


Present post: Managing Director/CEO, NAN

Journalist and media manager with keen interest in media evolution and content development in a digital world to meet the cravings of a diverse population with alternative news   feeds. Also foraged into the grazing field of reputation management, public relations and strategic communications. Have an appreciable competence across traditional and digital   media platforms.

Dedicated professional with over 30 years experience practising nationwide in both public and private sector media organizations including start-ups and market leaders.

Experienced in driving processes and multi tasking to achieve set goals.   Managed media organizations for half a dozen years at top   management level. Member   of several professional   bodies like the NIPR,NUJ and the NGE.

He holds graduate degree in International Affairs and Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications from ABU Zaria and BUK.

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