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Nigerians, elections are here again

Let us shun violence

Let us play the game according to the rules

Do not be a thug

Say no to violence

Let’s rise and defeat violence, crime and sabotage against peace of our nation

Nigeria is the only country we have

We must do everything to keep it united.

We must avoid any act that promotes hate and disintegration.

Say no to separatist movement, terrorism, fake news, hate speech, religious
bigotry and any act that tends to divide us as a nation.

Watch out for strange gatherings and suspicious movements. Restrict access to
sensitive documents and data, the disclosure of which may damage National

Educate your staff and family particularly on measures to safeguard information
and report security breaches.

Apply relevant legal security guidelines to protect yourselves and your

Due to misinformation and wrong choices,some idle persons resort to vices in their greed to get rich quick.

They resort to kidnapping, killings for rituals and other heinous crimes.

Avoid wrong use of the social media.

Before your broadcast that false message, think twice.

Ask whether it will promote peace or violence.

For safety at home, still be security conscious.

Educate your household on safety tips.

Report all suspicious movements and persons to the security agencies nearest to

Be a Good Citizen! Be patriotic!

To pass security information, call: 08132222105, 09153391309, 09088373514 or send a mail to dsspr@dss.gov.ng

(This message is from the Department of State Services, DSS)

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