China Matters Documents the Journey to the Sacred Natural Wonder in Guizhou

China Matters Documents the Journey to the Sacred Natural Wonder in Guizhou
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Fanjingshan, an other-worldly mountain in southwestern China’s Guizhou Province, hosts two Buddhist temples at its peak as one of the most extremely situated monasteries in the world.

Linked by a bridge between each other, the two temples are around 500 years old in Ming Dynasty. Having this splendid cultural heritage, the mountain is one of the newest natural wonders added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

As the highest peak of the Wuling Mountains, Fanjingshan is considered a sacred mountain in Chinese Buddhism. Its sacredness is beefed up by the view of cotton-looking clouds carpeting the sky right in front of you at the mountain top.

Tourists from all over the world are intrigued to see the jaw-dropping scenery, some of them pilgrims while many are Instagram followers stunned by the photos.

The relative isolation of Fanjingshan has ensured a high degree biodiversity with a number of endemic species, such as the rare Guizhou golden monkey.

Being a fan of wild exploration, the British vlogger Adam set off onto the trip to Fanjingshan Mountain. Frustrated by the snowy weather at the beginning though, Adam made it to the secondary top underneath the peak where the temples are situated. He saw the view of overspreading clouds covered by sunshine, which fulfilled him with the satisfaction of serenity.


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