China Matters’ Feature on the beautiful Coast of Yantai

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China Matters’ Feature on the beautiful Coast of Yanta

In Yantai, one of the most popular coastal cities for tourists, new discoveries happen at sea. Islands dot the coast, waiting for tourists to explore the fancy of the sea.
Some islands boast their pristine natural beauty, allowing visitors to experience fishermen’s life, while others provide visitors with brand-new experience of “marine vacation”.
Evy from China Matters heads to Changdao Island in Yantai to experience Ganhai, or coastal foraging seafood on the beach, a popular activity for tourists on the island. She gathers a bucket of seafood on the beach. In Yangma Island, another popular destination in Yantai, China Matters’ Jack is exploring breathtaking natural beauty on bike. He experiences an exceptional island vacation and makes himself a Yantai passport as a travel log.
Another option for tourists is Genghai No.1, a hotel and entertainment complex. At this ocean ranch, Jack fishes for the first time on the sea. Within just one day, he takes a virtual deep-sea ride with smart technology and tastes the fish he caught for dinner.
Yantai has been dedicated to entertain tourists with various ways for marine attractions. What other surprises of the coastal city are awaiting us to discover? Check out the video and find the answer.

Contact: Li Siwei

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