China Matters’ Feature: What Makes Hakka Cuisine?

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China Matters’ Feature: What Makes Hakka Cuisine?

Have you ever tasted Hakka food or known a bit about Hakka culture? Do you know which place is a must-visit to find some old-fashioned, authentic Hakka meals in China?

Hakka people, who are now dispersed in over more than 80 nations and regions worldwide, are known for their memorable cuisine and distinctive cooking techniques. As the saying goes, “Where there are Chinese, there are Hakka people.” In particular, in Markham, Ontario, many of the residents are Hakka people, making it the unofficial Hakka capital of North America. Zhongshan, the sister city of Markham, is an additional important settlement for Hakkas, and a definitely ideal place to try authentic home-cooked Hakka food in China.

In this video, our host Jack takes a culinary adventure in Guinan, the biggest Hakka village in Zhongshan, and finds himself so lucky to taste the “crispy roast pork”, a Hakka culinary delight that would only be offered twice a year in the village — one for the temple fair and the other for the Chinese New Year. How has this city cultivated such incredible cuisine? To understand this question, Jack also attends a class at Zhongshan Technician College to learn more about some special Hakka dishes.

What are the other Hakka dishes that Jack has an opportunity to taste in this home-cooked meal? Will Jack succeed in figuring out the time-honored, unique Hakka recipe for good cooking and finally show up with an acceptable Hakka meal on his first try?


Contact: Feng Kehui



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