China Matters’ Feature: Zhongshan – Embracing Sustainable Living

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China Matters’ Feature: Zhongshan – Embracing Sustainable Living


Zhongshan and Burnaby, with a sister city relationship spanning 12 years, share much in common when it comes to environmental consciousness. They both have a strong commitment to enhancing air quality and protecting the ocean. In recent years, a growing number of young individuals, including new graduates from prestigious colleges, have been drawn to Zhongshan by the city’s pursuit of innovative urban eco-fashion.

What measures has Zhongshan taken to create ubiquitous green areas? How are youngsters in Zhongshan making a difference?

In this video, our host Deniz visits a Zhongshan downtown park that retains the industrial elements of the former shipyard while serving as a natural oxygen bar with a lush green landscape. Apart from the city center, Deniz also travels to Qixi village in southern Zhongshan to witness the innovative ecological practices that the locals have embraced. After speaking with Mr Hao, head of the Qi Xi live farm, Deniz finds that the village is actually more than just a village; rather, it is a brand-new, distinctive community founded by a group of nature-loving youngsters who value sustainable living.

What makes Zhongshan’s Qixi so enticing to young people? How does this youthful group work together to fulfill their shared ambition of revitalizing the countryside?



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