China Matters’ Features: An astrophile of “chasing” space station

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China Matters’ Features: An astrophile of “chasing” space station


On November 28th, China’s Tiangong space station has been photographed in its complete form for the first time. The space station’s main purpose is for scientific research.

In 1992, the Chinese government proposed a “three-step” strategy for aerospace engineering. Three decades later, from the Tianyan telescope, to the Tiangong space station, and the Tianwen-1 mission, China has steadily marched forward to unravel more mysteries of the universe.

Liu Boyang, a doctor of astrophysics, has been recording the changes of China’s space station as an astrophile. In April 2022, with self-developed optical tracking technology, Liu successfully captured a high-definition close-up image of the space station. Since then, he has traveled with his equipment to over 10 cities across the country, and photographed a total of 12 configurations.

In this video, China Matters portrays Liu Boyang’s latest and previous experience of photographing the configuration of Tianzhou-5 and Tianzhou-6 cargo spacecrafts, the largest configuration so far. Meanwhile, the story of why Liu Boyang took up his journey of chasing China space station and his dedicated efforts to record all kinds of configurations will be unveiled.

In what way is Liu Boyang going to continue his efforts about China’s space station? What plans does he have for this dedication?


Contact: Shao Dantong


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