China Matters Focuses on Winter Sports in SW China’s Guizhou

China Matters Focuses on Winter Sports in SW China’s Guizhou
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In the humid and sweltering southern China, where snow is hardly seen, winter sports are not supposed to be a household activity.

But skiing and other ice and snow sports are now embraced as both official and local recreation in south western China’s Guizhou province. The Yushe Snow Resort is already a name card of Guizhou unlike the impression from the outside on it.


Located in Guizhou’s Liupanshui City, the Resort, also known as the Yushe National Forest Park has created a winter wonderland where there was none.


The mountains in the area, which average around 2,250 meters in altitude, rarely see snowfall but are coated with freezing rain in winter. Sixty machines are employed in the Resort to transform a swathe of a national forest park into a professional skiing arena.


“Few travelers visit a conventional southern China tourist site in winter,” said the resort’s manager Gao Song. “So, we provide new opportunities.”


The resort receives 20,000 visitors daily on average during the winter season. This January, the 11th Guizhou Provincial Games was hosted at Yushe Ski Resort, with winter sports included for the first time in its history.


Italian vlogger Rachele, who has lived in China for years, looks to explore what the ski resort is like and how people like winter sports in south western China. She tries to learn and practice skiing in the resort, famous for its pink artificial snow. She also talks with young ski athletes about their expectation towards the Winter Olympics.


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