Guizhou Satellite TV released a video: A German blogger influencer checking out the “Black Technology” in Guizhou

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Guizhou Satellite TV released a video: A German blogger influencer checking out the “Black Technology” in Guizho

The digital economy is the future direction of development, and the data has become an important factor of production. Located in the hinterland of southwest China, Guiyang and Guian New District in Guizhou have won the reputation of “China’s Digital Valley” for taking the lead in developing the big data industry in recent years. Moreover, in order to go back to the original universe and answer many difficult questions in astronomy, the “Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope”, a major scientific and technological infrastructure construction project of China’s National “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”, was completed in the territory of Qiannan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou on September 25, 2016. Today, known as the “FAST”, it has greatly expanded the horizons of mankind, continued to explore the origin and evolution of the universe, and has also attracted many international scientific research institutions to seek cooperation.
The short video series “Be My Guest · Modern Guizhou”, originally produced by Guizhou Satellite TV, invites foreign friends to Guizhou in the form of reality shows to record their real lives in the local area. Adolf Robert Michael, a young man from Munich, Germany, was born after 1995 and is full of longing for Guizhou culture. He has become popular on the Internet because of short videos on life in the villages of ethnic minorities in Guizhou. In this episode, Adolf Robert Michael has visited the annual the International Big Data Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “Big Data Expo”), experienced many “black technologies” and met the local girl Liu Yue. They went to the astronomical town of Pingtang County together to “check out” the world’s largest sinkhole discovered so far – the Dadaihe Sinkhole, getting up close and personal with the hard-won Chinese “FAST”.
“Guizhou’s science and technology has really amazed me by this time. I didn’t expect that so many powerful ‘future technologies’ lie low in Guizhou. It seems that there are not only enthusiastic and simple ethnic minorities here, but also technological products that can change future lives. I think I have discovered more than one side of Guizhou this time.” Adolf Robert Michael utter sighs of admiration unceasingly for Guizhou’s scientific and technological development. He has seen the side of Guizhou’s ethnic minorities once, now he sees the side of Guizhou’s science and technology. And he hopes to discover more aspects of Guizhou in the future.

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