Guizhou Satellite TV unveils the hidden Ecological Attractions in Bijie, Guizhou

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Guizhou Satellite TV unveils the hidden Ecological Attractions in Bijie, Guizhou

Bijie, located in the northwestern part of Guizhou, has a humid subtropical monsoon climate, with a cool summer and mild winter. There are endless mountains, lush forests, blue skies and vast grasslands, which can be seen as a microcosm of the ecology of Guizhou. Every winter, more than 100,000 birds fly to Caohai National Nature Reserve in Weining, Bijie for the winter. Because Bijie has such a good ecological environment, it constantly attracts tourists from all over the world.

The short video series “Be My Guest ยท Modern Guizhou”, which is originally produced by Guizhou Satellite TV, invites foreign friends to Guizhou in the form of reality shows to demonstrate their real lives in the local area. In this episode, Mohamed Jihad Mohamed, an Egyptian international student who just graduated from the Broadcasting Host major at the Communication University of China, receives an invitation from his friend, the Guizhou travel blogger Yan Jun, to come to Bijie and start his unique graduation trip! During this trip, they went to Huawu Village to admire the clarity of the swimming pool made of mountain spring, rushed to the steppe in Axilixi, camped in Gonglongping National Forest Park, Bijie and experienced the thrill of mountain motorcycles. They went to Weining Grass Sea to watch the migrating birds and listen to the stories of bird protectors.

“The scenery of Bijie is so beautiful that I often want to chant a poem against the beautiful scenery.” Mohamed Jihad Mohamed lived in China for four years, he loves Chinese traditional culture, and this trip has left him such an unforgettable experience. Mohamed Jihad Mohamed hopes to bring his family to Guizhou next time to experience the ecological beauty of Bijie.



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