Official handover of the Kashengeneck School built with the help of Kambov Mining of CNMC

Bird's-eye view of the Kashengeneck School
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Official handover of the Kashengeneck School built with the help of Kambov Mining of CNMC

Bird's-eye view of the Kashengeneck School

Bird’s-eye view of the Kashengeneck School

Recently, the Kashengeneck School, which was built by the Kambov Mining of CNMC, was officially handed over to the local government.

The Kashengenek School is located in the village of Kashengenek, Kambowe Township, Likasi City, Upper Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The project was launched in October 2023. Together with the construction party and the supervision party, Kambov Mining has attached great importance to the construction safety and quality in the process of implementation. With unremitting efforts of nearly 5 months, schools and villagers’ public wells were very well established. The school has 6 classrooms with teaching facilities such as chairs. The administrative building has offices and conference rooms. Meanwhile, they are equipped with bathrooms, special wells and walls. Furthermore, the well has a complete water filtration system, two 5m3 water tanks, a set of solar panels, a solid steel derrick, and 5 faucets which could fully satisfy the water needs of villagers. The completion of the two projects has provided better teaching conditions for the teachers and students, and also solved the problem of villagers traveling long distances to get water. The villagers’ lives are more convenient now and the water sources are cleaner.

At the completion celebration, Wang Shougao, chairman of the Kambov Mining of CNMC, said that the completion and delivery of the public well project for schools and villagers is a milestone in the company’s public welfare activities and a powerful witness to the friendship between China and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, condensing the deep friendship between the two peoples. He hoped that teachers, students and villagers would cherish the school and public wells, and wished villagers an improving life quality, and more children could go to school to receive education.

The Finance Minister of Upper Katanga John Muloba Kitonge has attended the handover ceremony of the school and highly praised the campus and public wells of high quality donated by CNMC. He said that Kambov’s own development has provided more jobs for the community, and it has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities. The livelihood problems of many people in the community are solved and a win-win cooperation has been achieved. May Kambov be more harmonious with the community, and may the friendship between the two countries last forever.

Kambov Mining is a joint venture between CNMC and Gécamines SA. As a responsible enterprise, Kambov Mining has practiced the development concept of cooperation and win-win since its establishment in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and actively fulfilled its social responsibilities. In 2023, the company’s five social responsibility projects have landed.

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