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March 5, 2024

ICT expert advises business owners to explore advanced marketing systems

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By Naomi Sharang

The Chairman, T&T Web Designing and Marketing Services, Dr Thaddeaus Thompson has advised Nigerian business owners to explore advanced marketing systems and web design technology to be more competitive.

Thompson  gave the advice in interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Friday.

He noted that online or web-based business environment could facilitate growth, expansion, improved patronage and higher profit.

He stressed that T&T Web Designing and Marketing Services, which was established to advance such business environment, had mastery in web designing technology that could link businesses and consumers.

The chairman expressed concern that most businesses in Nigeria were operating under 30 per cent of their actual potential for not taking advantage of the online opportunities.

Thompson allayed fears of hidden dangers nursed by some people on the use of the web.

He said while there was no doubt that there were risks most times to faulty website designs, issues of identity theft and hacking could be detected and minimised with “foolproof system in place.”

Thompson also said one of such measures was to ensure that “websites are encrypted to prevent cyber-crime.”

He encouraged companies to see the COVID-19 challenge as an opportunity to adapt to online business, which had become the new normal.

Thompson said: “Most businesses, who were reluctant to explore benefits of reaching out to customers outside their vicinity, have realised that a huge resource was left untapped for years.

“As part of our marketing package, we have always encouraged our clients to focus on the positive and avoid the negative. A business must be built to withstand adversity.

“For us, our business has expanded, not declined due to the pandemic because more customers are using our services than before.

“We assist businesses in Nigeria to develop transactional customer relationship system with their customers using artificial intelligence (AI) and visual communication technology.

“We make them understand that websites should not be only for photo-fronts where products and services are displayed, but a platform for entire operations of a company.” (NAN)

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