November 29, 2023

Debarment allowance: Irabor urges military retirees for patience

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By Sumaila Ogbaje

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Lucky Irabor, has urged retired military officers to show understanding with the Federal Government in the effort to pay them the Security Debarment Allowance (SDA).

Irabor made the call at the 42nd Anniversary Dinner of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) 28 Regular Course Welfare Association on Saturday in Abuja.

President Muhammadu Buhari had in 2017 approved the payment to the military retirees who retired before Nov. 9, 2017.

The deceased military retirees who were alive when the Manual of Financial Administration (MAFA) 2017 was signed, and non-pensionable retirees who retired before Nov. 9, 2017 but were only paid gratuities, are also to benefit.

The SDA, according to Military Pensions Board, was calculated as a function of 10 per cent of the retirees’ annual basic salary as at the time of retirement, multiplied by the number of years served in the services.

The CDS cautioned those who had made unpalatable comments about the SDA to desist from misleading the junior ones, adding that the efforts of the government in that regard should be commended.

According to him, “there are a few toxic commentaries that have been made, which I believe are misrepresented and I think that those of us that are here hearing from me and those who actually know the right thing.

“While appreciating you for changing the orientation of those who have been passing those toxic comments, I need to also encourage that perhaps, they need to go to their creator for forgiveness.

“The reason I say this is, the policy that brought SDA into being was signed on Nov. 9, 2017 and the provisions made therein, caters for those who retired from that day onwards.

“There are issues around policies generally which certainly might not be the best but there will always be room for correction.

“It took the magnanimity of the Commander in Chief, of course a representation that was made to him by the minister, and he was magnanimous enough to look at it again and made the approval that everyone who once served the military should be catered for.

“I think that it is something that I believe is legendary and must be commended rather than having to vilify those who are making effort to ensure that entitlements as enunciated by virtue of that approval is made,” he said.

Irabor further said that the resources disposition of the government should be considered, taking into cognisance the issues of military operations and issues surrounding its Table of Organisation and Equipment (TOE).

“It takes resources to be able to bring our TOE to a reasonable level, to be able to increase the military’s fighting capacity,” he said.

He added that greater attention must be paid to ensure that the tools needed to be able to perform optimally should be given attention.

“And so it was not an easy thing to now muster a total of N132 billion just to pay at once because there are other commitments of government.

“And so approval was given for it to be handled within the period of three to five years, which recently has also been modified for it to be covered in three years.

“So if some of us that should know now go to incite a few others to now to want to take up some kinds of demonstration, that perhaps needs some form of reconsideration

“The first tranche was made early this month, which of course we must continuously appreciate it and of course, the government for this feat.

“So I will like to use this medium to appeal to us, especially on that matter, for it to be put to rest, believing and trusting those who are implementing to faithfully implement it,” he added.

Irabor also commended the retired officers for their invaluable contribution to the peace and stability of the country and urged them to continue to offer their quota even in retirement.

The President, 28 Regular Course Welfare Association, retired Rear Adm. Ndidi Agholor, thanked God for making it possible for them to remain in good health and be able to reunite to celebrate.

Agholor said the association was at its consolidation stage, having made impact in the society, adding that welfare of its members was its main focus at present.

On the debarment allowance, Agholor commended the Federal Government and the Ministry of Defence for being magnanimous in expanding the scope of SDA to cover all retired military personnel.

He said those of them who retired before 2017, when the SDA policy was formulated, were initially excluded, adding that reasons were advanced as to the use of their competencies and skills in retirement.

The president urged the veteran community to exercise patience while government continued to implement the debarment policy, which according to him, will have positive impact on them.

He assured the military authority of the readiness of the veterans to continue to help to secure the nation, especially in ensuring peaceful 2023 general elections. (NAN) (

Edited by Idris Abdulrahman


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