Election: Archbishop cautions Nigerians against voting on basis of religious sentiment

Election: Archbishop cautions Nigerians against voting on basis of religious sentiment
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By Salisu Sani-Idris

The Archbishop of the African Church Province of Abuja, Peter Ogunmuyiwa, on Wednesday cautioned Nigerians against voting for candidate on the basis of religion in the 2023 general elections.

Ogunmuyiwa made the call at the Interfaith Peace Summit: Tips on 2023 General Elections, with the theme,” Prosecuting Peaceful Elections: Role of Faith Communities,” organised by the Al-Habibiyyah Islamic Society, in conjunction with the NTA Abrahamic Mission, in Abuja.

Ogunmuyiwa said: ” Religion of a candidate should not be the basis for our choices at the forthcoming elections but their antecedents and commitment to the development of the country.

” The effects of bad governance are felt on all Nigerians, irrespective of their religion or ethnicity, poverty has no religion and friend as when we have bad leadership all of us Christians, Muslims and others eill suffer.

” Democracy thrives on diversity and our diversity and our religions should be something that we harness together.

“We therefore need to be wise this time around and make wise choices in the forthcoming elections.

” We need peace in Nigeria. We can’t afford religious crises or civil war any longer which ordinarily is always instigated by the sentiment of religion or tribes.”

On the Muslim-Muslim ticket, the archbishop said any religion’s person could be a President of Nigeria.

” I am not an advocate of Muslim-Muslim ticket but if para venture the ticket wins, it will mean that christians also voted for the ticket. So, it will make a lot for the stability of this country.

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” It will means a lot to the ideology of Abrahimic mission and if it comes to be and there is peace in Nigeria, then that will suggest that a Christian supports the Muslim-Muslim ticket.

“The forthcoming elections are very interesting and eventually the will of God will prevail.

“But the signal will be that God is interested in Nigeria which ever way the election goes.

Earlier, the Chief Iman of Al-Habibiyyah Mosque, Faud Adeyemi,said the NTA Abrahamic Mission programme was widely accepted and had a lot of impact in the lives of Nigerians.

” Then we decided to move forward to see what can we do to get it more impactful now that elections are here.

“We want to use that expose to be able to get to the people so that we do the right thing for ourselves during the forthcoming election.

” We all know that we are mostly religious people in this country and that is why we brought Muslim and and the Christian leaders to talk from their religious perspective what should we be doing now that election is by the corner.

” And as people who follow God injuctions what are the things we should do to ensure peaceful elections in the country? Adeyemi asked.

Also, the Iman of the Abuja National Mosque, Dr Kabir Mohammed, urged Muslims and Christians to embrace themselves and continue to live in peace and harmony before, during and after the elections.

Similarly, the Director-General, National Orientation Agency (NOA), Dr Garba Abari, said the agency was doing its best to instill positive attitude in the electorate to ensure peaceful polls.

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Represented by Mrs Ebele Okonkwo, Assistant Director, Political and Civic Ethics and Values Department, Abari said the agency was also working to ensure that the election was all-inclusive.

This is by engaging women and the People with Disabilities to ensure that they are represented in the electoral process.(NAN)(www.nannews.ng)

Edited by Bashir Rabe Mani

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