Ramadan: Cleric urges Muslims to imbibe culture of self-reliance

Ramadan: Cleric urges Muslims to imbibe culture of self-reliance
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By Salisu Sani-Idris

The Chairman, League of FCT Imams, Sheikh Tajudeen Adigun, on Thursday urged all Muslims to imbibe the culture of self-reliance in compliance with the teachings of Islam.

Adigun gave the advice in his keynote address at the distribution of food items and cash to over 2,000 needy persons by the Nurul Yaqeen Islamic Foundation at Life Camp in Abuja.

The cleric urged every muslim to work hard to earn a living, saying, “in Islam, there is nothing like just waiting for somebody to give you.”

He said that Islam was a religion that encouraged everybody to work so as to be self-reliant and also give out alms to the needy.

Adigun said: “Until we have the culture of thinking of the way out individually, we cannot solve the problem of poverty in the society.

“This is because those who are rich as you are seeing them, they are in categories.

“There are those who are merciful and ever ready to give out and there are those who don’t mind, they believe it is their handiwork that makes them to reach such position.

” So, they are too careless to even know if somebody is suffering, but the only way is to encourage individuals to have something doing.

“If we have that culture, poverty will be reduced tremendously in the society.”

Adigun commended the foundation, under the leadership of Imam Yahya Al-Yolawi, for consistently reaching out to the needy, especially in the month of Ramadan.

“Today is a great day in the history of Nurul Yaqeen Islamic Foundation where a number of individuals have gathered together in this holy month of Ramadan to collect food items and cash donation.

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“Islam has always encouraged giving to charity. Allah said in the holy Quran that those who are giving out their wealth in the day time, in the night time, secretly and openly.

“They are doing this so as to make people to be happy their reward lies in His hand a very big reward.

“So, we encourage other organisations and individuals too to give out charity to those who are in need off especially in the month of Ramadan,” he said.

Earlier, Imam Yahya Al-Yolawi, the leader of the foundation, said they had been distributing food items to the less-privileged for the past four years.

He described the programme as” remarkable in the history of the foundation”.

Al-Yolawi called on those that had the means to give out alms and charity to the less-privileged, especially in the month of Ramadan where the reward was multiplied.

The cleric said that the foundation was feeding over 300 persons daily since the beginning of the Ramadan fast, which would last till the end.

“You can see the turnout of the people over and above what we witnessed in 2022,” Al-Yolawi said.

Cross section of beneficiaries

Also, Mrs Hadiza Kasim, the Secretary, Advisory Committee of Women in Da’awah of the foundation, said the massive turnout of the less-privileged in the event showed the enormity of poverty in the country.

“So, from the government down to the individuals, those whom Allah has blessed and have means should all rise up and ensure that we extend a helping hand,” she urged. (NAN) (www.nannews.ng)

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Edited by Ayodeji Alabi/Bashir Rabe Mani

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